Dolphins’ Safety Calls for Proof From Non-Profit Charities

Adrian Colbert

Getty Adrian Colbert attempts to break up a pass against the Jets in December 2019.

In these trying times of global pandemics and national police violence crimes, there has been no better opportunity to give back to local communities with service work and donations. The Miami Dolphins organization has been at the forefront of this for the Miami-Dade community, launching a meal distribution program that promises 1,000 free meals every day for a year, and providing a platform that supports the peaceful protests associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

But second-year Dolphins’ safety Adrian Colbert has brought up an important question, as the nation rallies for justice—where is the money that is being massively donated actually going?

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Where Does the Money Go?

Colbert’s tweet welcomed a few different responses. One user suggested that the money was directly funding Joe Biden’s campaign. Another remarked on the importance of researching petitions and foundations. A third, which prompted a response from the athlete, suggested that he take a cool at Candace Owens’ Twitter account for proof that the funds were going to the democratic party.

Owens, a right-wing commentator, who is also black, has condemned the fundraising campaign, which is hosted on ActBlue Charities, a site that is traditionally used to collect donations for Democratic candidates.


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OH MY GOD!! BLACK LIVES MATTER FUNDING GOES DIRECTLY TO WHITE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR VARIOUS INITIATIVES TO GET DEMOCRATS INTO OFFICE. This is CRAZY. It was ALL a scam! I am honestly shocked by how evil this all is. They are using Breonna Taylor’s face and George Floyd’s death to funnel MILLIONS to support Joe Biden’s campaign. This is DESPICABLE. I knew it was all suspicious. The rioting and looting and chaos was meant to make white people feel guilty enough and black people feel angry enough to donate MILLIONS. Well ladies and gentlemen, here is where all of your millions are going. TO THE WEALTHY WHITE DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT. Breonna and George Floyd died so that Joe Biden could have more funds to go up against Trump in this upcoming election. The celebrities were effectively pressured into getting their fans to pony up to the Joe Biden’s election. Black Americans have always been used as slaved to earn wealth for white Democrats. This is absolutely sickening. If you are Black person and you ever vote Democrat again after seeing this video, please know that you are not a serious person in this world. Video Credit: @libertyconscript #blacklivesmatter #joebiden #biden2020 #scam #trump2020 #democrats #georgefloyd #breonnataylor

A post shared by Candace Owens (@realcandaceowens) on Jun 10, 2020 at 5:53pm PDT

// breaks down the fallacies she claims. ActBlue itself does not donate money, but rather just acts as the facilitator of the transactions. And yes, ActBlue is a platform frequently used to facilitate transactions for democratic campaigns, but the website also transacts for charitable organizations.

There are several groups who use the phrase “Black Lives Matter” in their name, so due diligence is crucial as a donor, to assure that funding is placed where it is intended. But the campaign on ActBlue that is attached to specifically says that the money donated will benefit the Black Lives Matter Global Network, a foundation that is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3). Those kinds of organizations are prohibited from participating in political campaigns.

The foundation itself supports activity that it deems to be within its interests. For instance, on June 11, it announced that $6.5 million will be put towards grassroots organizing work in the network’s span of global chapters. More specific actions are detailed on the website.

The Dolphins in Protest

Multiple Dolphins have used their platforms to take a stand against police brutality, and make a difference in their communities. Jerome Baker Jr. has been active retweeting videos of protests, information, and opinions, as has Colbert, Isaiah Ford, and Shaq Lawson, among others.

Several have reportedly marched in protest themselves, including safety Kavon Frazier. And coach Brian Flores is in full support as of a press conference held last week.

“My number one thing for guys is that they have a right to protest, and I support their right to protest,” Flores said. “But even more than that, it’s about being careful. I want my players to be careful.”

As discussions ensue about potential anthem protests once the season begins, it is unclear if the Dolphins share a united front, and what action will transpire. But as facilities begin to open for players to return, much more will be discussed in the coming weeks.

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