Dwyane Wade Speaks Out on Tua Tagovailoa: Report

Tua Tagovailoa

Getty Tua Tagovailoa looks to pass against LSU in November 2019.

Dwyane Wade, who is largely still considered the face of South Florida sports, thinks he has a new heir on the horizon. According to ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe, the recently retired NBA star sees Tua Tagovailoa’s potential with the Miami Dolphins.

Wolfe, ESPN’s Dolphins reporter, spoke with host Ari Meirov of MySportsUpdate, about a conversation he had with Wade about the Dolphins rookie:

“I had a conversation with Dwyane Wade about Tua,” says Wolfe, “He said, ‘This is a Dolphins town. You know the Heat did all they can do to kind of wrestle that away for a while, but if the Dolphins get this right, if Tua gets this right, then it’s gonna be Dolphins town.’”

“He went on to say that if Tua can win and do something that other quarterbacks before him can’t do, then he can easily become the next face of South Florida sports.”

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Tua’s Potential for Impact

Wolfe says that Tua is still in Alabama, training and rehabbing, but that there is a lot of hype for him already in Miami. Since the draft, his jersey has sat at the top of the sales charts, in both white and aqua.

“He seems to be a really humble guy, a guy who has a really strong work ethic. A guy who people love to play with,” Wolfe says of the young quarterback.

Wolfe believes Tagovailoa has a lot of weight on his shoulders, but says that he’s been in contact with his teammates through text and calls, and has been getting along with them well. Wolfe says the team is excited to be on the field, and truly believes that until training camp (if there is one), the biggest storyline surrounding the team will be Tua.

“It starts with Tua, and it ends with Tua, and in the middle is Tua,” he says. “He is the most important player on their team for the short term and the long term. He’s what’s gonna make them go.”

Wolfe on Brian Flores

The podcast also features a conversation about the impact of the death of George Floyd, and Brian Flores’ statement about the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I think that’s really a great example of what type of guy they have in Brian Flores,” says Wolfe. “He’s not afraid. He’s a leader, and he’s a guy who’s his own man.”

Wolfe says he knows that Flores has a lot to prove after last year’s 5-11 record—his first year in the role of Head Coach—but with new talent, they’re set up for a much more lucrative season.

Additional topics include the smokescreens surrounding the 2020 NFL Draft, the ways that working in football will change post-COVID-19, a look at the year ahead, and the future of Josh Rosen. The episode in its entirety can be found on Apple Podcasts.

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