Ex-Raider Charles Woodson Has Big Proclamation About Colin Kaepernick

charles woodson

Getty Former Raiders star Charles Woodson.

Despite last playing an NFL game in 2016, Colin Kaepernick continues to be a major subject of conversation. He hosted a public workout during the season in an effort to find a new team, but nothing came of it. With the current climate in America, many are calling for a team to sign the controversial quarterback.

However, not everybody thinks he even needs to play to make an impact. According to Raiders and Packers legend Charles Woodson, Kaepernick is the face of the NFL.

There’s no doubt that Kaepernick’s impact is still being felt throughout the entire league several years since his protest of the National Anthem.

Woodson Doesn’t Think Kaepernick Should Try to Play

While many believe that a team should give Kaepernick another shot, Woodson isn’t among those people. In fact, he thinks the quarterback’s talents are better served doing what he’s doing now.

Woodson isn’t wrong to suggest Kaepernick shouldn’t come back to play in the NFL. He likely wouldn’t get a starting job unless there was an injury. Even when he was playing, he only won three of his last 19 starts. Off the field, he’s done a lot of charity work and activism. He’s now 32 years old and it’s hard to imagine he’d still be able to make an impact on the field. However, he can keep making an impact off of it. While it would certainly be a statement if a team signed Kaepernick, it remains to be seen if it will ever happen.

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Woodson Has Profound Words About George Floyd’s Death

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, athletes across all sports have given their thoughts on what happened. Woodson has always been a very strong speaker and gave a powerful statement about the rising tensions in America. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

And so you know there’s gonna be some people that’s gonna comment about this post and say ‘you know what well the police kill more white people than black people.’ Really? I don’t see it. And if they do, you need to call the networks and it needs to be reported that that’s what’s happening in your community. Because I don’t see it. I haven’t seen a white man with a knee in his neck for 10 minutes until he dies for the whole world to see by the police. I haven’t seen it. And furthermore, if the police are killing white people more than they’re killing black people, then you should be more outraged than we are. And so if you are, if that’s what’s happening, then we welcome you to the struggle.

There’s a lot of division in today’s current political climate, but Woodson clearly believes that every side needs to work together. The future Hall of Famer has always been a very thoughtful person and it’s worth listening to his entire message.

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