21 Best Roller Skates for Any Age and Skill

Whether you’re hitting the local rink, participating in a roller derby bout, or just cruising around enjoying a beautiful day, roller skates make for an awesome activity. They can be enjoyed solo, as a couple, or with a group of friends. So browse through our selection of skates below to find a good pair and ensure you’re set for a healthy good time.

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Roller Skates

These days, folks are just begging for a reason to get out of the house. And with many gyms being closed, or just deemed unsafe, a new outlet for exercise is a necessity. You may not have considered it before, but roller skating is something that will get you out of the house burning calories while being a ton of fun.

The Washington Post recently published an article citing the activity's various benefits - both physically and mentally. And with the current state of the world, the sport is arguably more popular than ever. So browse through the feature if you need further convincing on why picking up a fresh pair of roller skates is a fantastic decision. 

Roller Skates for Kids

There are a slew of options online if you're specifically looking for roller skates for kids. But on our list of the best roller skates, we've gathered premium options for children that are higher quality than some of the cheaper alternatives you will find on Amazon.

There are quite a few great options from Riedell, such as the Angel Juniors for girls, and their Dash set. Ferrari even offers their My First Skate Combo Set that looks as sleek as their automobiles do while providing a helmet and safety padding too. 

And, of course, we have to mention Crazy Skates' Flash sets for both boys and girls. The built-in LED lights that are implemented into the skate's designs will have your child looking like the coolest skater out there. 

Roller Blades for Kids

If you're looking for roller blades for kids instead of traditional quad skates, no worries! We have you covered with a few options for those too.

One of the hottest options available right now are these pair of Bladerunners by Rollerblade. They're adjustable across four sizes so that they can grow up to 4 sizes with your child. They sport ABEC-3 bearings which provide great speed - but not too much! Not to mention they're super durable, comfortable, and look cool too. 

If you're looking for something your daughter may find more up her alley, we recommend this set from 2PM Sports. They're designed for beginner skill levels, making them perfect for first-time skaters or those still learning the ropes. The skate's ABEC-7 bearings are super smooth and provide thrilling speed. Yet the wheels, brakes, and ankle support are high quality to ensure safety is of foremost importance.

The skates are fully adjustable up to 4 different sizes, allowing for them to be usable for years on end. And the pink design with 8 light-up wheels promises this gift will be one your little one will cherish from the first time they put them on and start rolling.

Impala Roller Skates

Launched out of Australia just a few years ago, Impala Roller Skates has quickly become one of the more sought after pairs of skates out there for women. There aren't many options available for them on Amazon, but there is a trio listed that fit a range of tastes. 

Their Holographic pair is their flashiest, providing a colorful and vibrant look for those wanting to have their skates stand out. They also offer a Marawa Rose Gold pair that while still flashy, is a bit more subdued and fashionable. And for those that prefer leopard print, they have you covered there too.

Roller Derby Skates

If you're looking to jump into the exhilarating world of roller derby, there are specific roller derby skates out there designed to help you maximize your performance. One of our favorite pairs out there is the Chaya Jade Quad Derbys. These skates don't just look great, they're also designed to hold up to potential damage thanks to the abrasion-resistant leather. 

The Jade Quad Derbys also sport ABEC-7 bearings which provide a ton of speed. The boot is low cut for easy mobility. And the boot is well ventilated too so that your feet can breathe while you are out there kicking butt. 

Moxi Roller Skates

Moxi roller skates are one of the more popular female brands available. However, the retailer hasn't been listing their options on Amazon as of late. As of print, every listing you can find on the site is stated as "Currently Unavailable". But we'll continue to check back as we refresh our list to see if their stock situation changes. 

Riedell Roller Skates

Riedell roller skates are a super popular option as both roller skates for kids and roller skates for adults alike. Perhaps mainly because of the slew of style options that they give to choose from.

Their Riedell R3 Digital Camo option for kids is awesome (but hard to come by). As are their Dash option for kids that come in a sleek looking Aqua & Orange or Green & White. The Angel Juniors set for girls is a more stable high-top option that looks great too. And the RW Waves are a beginner set for kids that have styles for both boys and girls. 

For adults, there are plenty of options too. The Riedell Dart Ombré's look amazing in each of the 4 style options that are available. Then there's also the Riedell Dart line that comes in solid varieties of aqua, black, pink, and purple which all look fantastic too. 


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