Solar Array to be Installed at Colts’ Practice Facility



Last May the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts announced that Mooresville, N.C.-based Powerhome Solar would be installing solar panels at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center, home to the team’s headquarters and practice facility.

The installation of those state-of-the-art panels is going to take place during the week of June 29, according to Powerhome Solar founder & CEO Jayson Waller.

“It took a while to get permits,” Waller told, “but their install is going in this week and we are excited about that.”

Waller notes that when it comes to large-scale commercial projects involving an NFL team, a year-long design, development and permitting process is not necessarily unusual, especially if numerous stakeholders are involved. For example, Powerhome Solar recently completed the installation of a solar array for the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field, and a similar amount of time elapsed before the project could get underway.

But now that things are all systems go for the Colts, Waller says the installation should proceed apace and will likely be completed in three to five days. The timing is important, as the Colts are planning to hold their training camp at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center beginning in the latter part of July.

Solar Panels Coming to an NFL Facility Near You?

Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if you soon hear about more solar projects involving NFL teams. In addition to the Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers, Powerhome Solar has already established partnerships with the Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns, not to mention major league baseball’s Cleveland Indians and North Carolina State University, so the company is well-positioned to come to new agreements with universities and professional sports organizations alike.

“We are talking to other teams in states we’re in,” Waller advised “We just opened up in Tennessee, and we’re going into Georgia and Texas soon, so you can kinda figure out some of the teams we may be talking to.”

‘It’s the Future’

According to Waller, getting sports franchise’s onboard isn’t really all that much different from selling to individual consumers, as the benefit proposition is much the same.

“People need to understand that solar is coming—it’s the future,” Waller said. “It doesn’t take you off the grid but it does replace what you are buying from the utility company. And if you overproduce you send it to the grid and your bill gets credited.”

An NFL team enjoys the same benefit, never mind the goodwill that can be engendered among fans when an organization makes an effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

Of course, right now sports franchises have more to worry about than their carbon footprint, which has been minimized thanks to the absence of live sporting events.

But the Indianapolis Colts still hope to open their preseason schedule on Aug. 13 with a home game at Lucas Oil Stadium against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Meanwhile, the Colts’ regular season opener is scheduled for Sept. 13, an away game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team’s home opener will be Sept. 20 vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

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