NCAA Athletes to Get Paid Thanks to NFL’s Tiki Barber & Tsū [LISTEN]

Getty Scott Hamilton, Tracie Hamilton, Tiki Barber and Traci Lynn Johnson attend the Stephan Weiss Apple Awards at Urban Zen on October 24, 2018, in New York City.

After becoming the New York Giants‘ all-time leader in rushing yards and being apart of an 11-5 Giants team that won the NFC East title for the first time since 2000, Tiki Barber retired from football and transitioned into television.

But why?

“Physically I was getting beat up man,” Tiki Barber told me recently on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“And it would take me until Thursday to feel good again. I was getting massages on Monday and acupuncture, I would get this ART treatment and then another massage on Thursday, and then now I’m feeling alright on Friday; and it’s like a walkthrough practice and then you get beat up again and it starts over. And it was just getting hard.”

Barber, who is one of three NFL players in football history with at least 10,000 yards rushing and 5,000 yards receiving in a career. For those keeping score at home: Marshall Faulk and Marcus Allen are the other two.

Since retirement, Barber has enjoyed a broadcasting career.

Barber serves as co-host of CBS Sports Radio’s “Tiki & Tierney,” alongside New York Emmy winning broadcaster, Brandon Tierney.

The show, heard across the country from 3:00PM-6PM, ET, airs on the nation’s largest 24/7 major-market radio network.

Barber also has a steady portfolio in business. He co-founded, is a founding member of the Leadership Council for the Robin Hood Foundation and has been big on literacy. He co-authored three successful children’s books with his brother and eight young-adult novels and released a memoir of his playing days, “Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond,” in September 2007.

Barber is also apart of the re-launch of Tsū. Founded in 2013, the free invite-only social network site paid its members a percentage of its ad revenue for posting and sharing content.

The site shut down in 2016, but announced its revival in September 2019.

Barbers’ point of interest is in making opportunities available for student athletes to receive compensation. More specifically: he was drawn to Tsū because they are looking to help athletes and influencers monetize advertisements that are sold against them.

Worth noting: Tsū doesn’t necessarily need to work with the NCAA for this to happen. The impact of social media is holding such a heavy weight for college athletes with their fan base being part of their mass followings. Bringing light to the brand of a college athlete and allowing them to profit off of it.

Tsū is expected to go live later this year. Idea is to get people involved, and giving back to those content creators.

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