11 Best Yoga Paddleboards: Compare & Save

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Challenge yourself to a fun and rewarding yoga workout on a yoga paddleboard. A SUP yoga board has a very wide and stable base to help you feel as comfortable as possible as you’re trying out your moves on the water.

Looking for more options? Check out our best paddle boards for your outdoor adventures.

sup yoga Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for all levels
  • Sturdy drop-stitch construction
  • Ideal for flat water
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sup yoga board Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Integrated side handle
  • Non-slip EVA traction pad
  • Comes with bungee ties
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sup yoga board Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Stable diamond groove surface
  • Heat-embossed for durability
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paddle board yoga Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for yoga
  • Integrated lift handle
  • Extra-wide nose and tail
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sup yoga board Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for beginner to intermediate riders
  • Wide and stable base
  • Six inches thick
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sup yoga board Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Made for youths and adults
  • Great for the whole family
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sup yoga Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for beginners
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Soft EVA deck pad
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sup yoga Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for heavier riders
  • Durable military-grade PVC
  • Wide 30-inch base
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yoga sup Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Non-slip EVA mat
  • Built-in carrying handle
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sup yoga board Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Built to last
  • Heavy-duty PVC material
  • Highly portable
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sup yoga Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Large foam deck
  • Durable drop-stitch material
  • Double-layer skin
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Boga Yoga Inflatable SUP Board

    • Caters to all fitness levels
    • Comes with an adjustable paddle, pump, bungee storage and more
    • Soft deck is comfortable for yoga
    • Not great for waves
    • Slightly bulky design slows the board down
    • Not quite as agile as some similarly priced boards

    The Boga Yoga iSUP caters to paddlers of all levels, from beginners to expert users. This board comes in one size, measuring 10’8″ and 32 inches wide for maximum stability. It’s also six inches thick.

    As its name suggests, this SUP yoga board is designed with yogis in mind. However, it works just as well for paddling around and sightseeing on flat water.

    As with many other SUP yoga boards, this one stands out for its sturdy drop-stitch construction. It also has a non-slip soft deck pad so that you can perfect your favorite water-based yoga moves without worrying about sliding around on the water.

    The SUP yoga board comes with all the essentials, including an adjustable paddle, cargo bungee storage, a repair kit, a pump and a carrying bag. Its bamboo construction gives the board an upscale appearance.

  2. 2. redder Zen Yoga iSUP

    • Can be used to catch smaller waves
    • Dependable tracking and maneuvering
    • Has a fiberglass paddle and a dual-action hand pump
    • Side fins aren't removable
    • Paddle is prone to sinking
    • Doesn't come with a waterproof phone case

    The redder Zen Yoga iSUP stretches a full 10’8″, which gives you plenty of room to stretch out and spend a relaxing yoga session on the water. Not only does the integrated side handle provide you with a flat deck for your yoga routine, it also makes it easy to transport your board as needed. There’s also a detachable shoulder strap.

    Integrated bungee ties secure your belongings as you ride. A non-slip EVA traction pad ensures an uninterrupted flow as you move through your yoga routine.

    When the mood to cruise or explore strikes, you’ll feel confident with the board’s dependable tracking and maneuvering. You can even catch smaller waves with this SUP yoga board.

    If you’re into numbers, the board weighs just under 23 pounds and has a maximum rider weight of 287 pounds. Accompanying the SUP yoga board is a three-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle along with a dual-action hand pump, coiled TPU leash, a portable repair kit and a backpack.

  3. 3. Aqua Marina Flow Yoga Inflatable SUP

    • Elastic bungee cords keep your belongings secure
    • Includes a pump and three fins
    • Has a carrying bag for portability
    • Only available in one color
    • Some competitors have a higher weight limit
    • Can be tough to fully inflate

    Go ahead and attempt that challenging yoga pose you’ve been meaning to conquer, as this board’s diamond groove will keep you steady. It’s also heat-embossed for added stability.

    In terms of durability, the board stands out for its quality PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Elastic bungee cords keep your belongings secure as you paddle around.

    This SUP yoga board supports up to 205 pounds and comes with a pump and three fins. A carrying bag is also included for portability.

  4. 4. Boardworks Flow SUP

    • Large and comfortable heat-embossed deck
    • Comes with tie-downs and bungee storage
    • Sturdy fiberglass construction
    • Not as thick as some other boards
    • Only has one fin
    • Not designed for rougher water

    The Boardworks Flow SUP is wide and smooth for optimal paddling and more relaxed movements on the water. With measurements of nearly 10 feet long and 33 inches wide, this board is stable enough for your favorite yoga moves.

    A nine-inch dolphin fin expertly guides the board through the water. When it comes to durability, the board stands out for its fiberglass layers combined with bamboo veneers. It’s also finished with durable paint and polish for longevity.

    A HoneyFomb heat-embossed deck pad provides the comfort and support you need for your water-based workouts. The board is also equipped with tie-downs and bungee cords to stash your gear out on the water.

    Whether you’re coming or going, the integrated carrying handle makes it easy to transport the board.

  5. 5. NIXY G3 Venice Inflatable Cruiser SUP

    • Stable enough to bring your pet along for the ride
    • Comes with a fiberglass paddle, dual-chamber pump and more
    • Covered by a two-year warranty
    • Only available in one size
    • Pumping becomes challenging towards the end
    • Not made for bigger waves

    The G3 Venice cruiser is stable and easy to maneuver, making it an especially good option for beginner to intermediate riders. Its wide and stable base invites you to try out your favorite yoga poses on the water.

    If you’re ready for a break or you don’t feel like doing yoga that day, you can easily use the board for cruising, exploring, fishing and family adventures. This board is even stable enough to bring Fido along for the ride.

    The board is a lightweight 25 pounds and holds up to 350 pounds. It’s also six inches thick, so you won’t have to worry about feeling unsteady as you go.

    With a length of 10’6″, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out for downward dog, cobra and other poses. The G3 Venice weighs 25 pounds and comes with everything you need to get started, including a three-wheel backpack, dual-chamber pump, fiberglass paddle, an ankle leash and three removable fins.

  6. 6. GYMAX Stand Up Paddle Board

    • Six inches thick for stability
    • Non-slip EVA surface
    • Comes with a manual pump and repair kit
    • Not great for larger waves
    • Paddle isn't the most durable
    • Can be tough to fully inflate

    This 10-foot paddleboard is stable enough for youths and adults, making it a good fit for the whole family. The board is six inches thick and comes in 10 and 11-foot variations.

    The included paddle is also adjustable from 67 to 83 inches to suit a variety of heights. Whether you’re working on sun salutations or you’re just looking to cruise, the EVA top has a dependable non-slip grip.

    You’ll also find three fins on the back of the board, one of which is removable. As you head out for a relaxing yoga workout or a cruise you can stash your belongings using the elastic ropes or D-rings.

    A carrying backpack is also included along with a repair kit.

  7. 7. Uenjoy Inflatable All Around Paddle Board

    • Thick military-grade PVC material
    • Recessed handle for easy transport
    • Includes a pump and adjustable handle
    • Challenging to pump to capacity with the manual pump
    • Doesn't include a coil leash
    • Only the center fin is removable

    At 30 inches wide, this SUP yoga board caters to beginners. It’s also a practical choice if you’re looking to advance your water-based yoga routine to the next level.

    Depending on your level of comfort and experience, you can choose between the 10 and 11-foot models. While the 10-foot board has a maximum user weight of 242 pounds, the 11-foot board supports up to 286 pounds. Both boards are large enough to bring kids and pets along for the ride.

    Thick military-grade PVC material along the bottom and top adds an extra element of sturdiness and stability. Whether you’ve got a more basic zen flow routine going on or you’re ready to attempt that elusive pose, the EVA deck pad is soft and has maximum traction to hold you steady.

    A recessed handle makes transporting this board a breeze. A pump is included, along with three fins, a backpack, an emergency patch kit and an adjustable paddle. The air valve also lets you quickly inflate and deflate the board.

  8. 8. PEXMOR Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

    • Large enough to bring the dog along
    • Works for youth and adult riders
    • Non-slip soft deck minimizes accidents
    • Only has a one-year warranty
    • Paddle may sink if it falls in
    • Included pump isn't the most durable

    With a maximum weight capacity of 551 pounds, this SUP yoga board caters to larger users. If durability is a concern, you’ll appreciate knowing that this board is crafted with two layers of durable military-grade PVC and drop stitching.

    The 30-inch wide base gives you plenty of room for your favorite yoga moves, or to simply get yourself comfortable as you paddle around. However, it’s not thick enough to impede your maneuvering skills, so you can glide along with ease.

    Whether you’re a beginner seeking maximum stability or you’re working up to the next level, the board will remain stable as you ride.

    As a yogi, you understand that slippery surfaces just won’t work. This board features a non-slip deck for your safety.

    Along with a D-ring to set up a leash, you’ll also find an included carrying bag, adjustable paddle, a hand pump with a gauge, a repair kit and a carrying strap. This SUP yoga board has three fins, including a removable center fin.

  9. 9. UBOWAY Inflatable Paddle Board

    • Four-point bungee design for easy storage
    • High-quality PVC material
    • Eye-catching wood grain design
    • Slightly heavier than some competitors
    • Carrying bag isn't the highest quality
    • Can be difficult to fully inflate

    Whether you go with the 10-foot or 11-foot model, the UBOWAY Inflatable Paddle Board is 32 inches wide and six inches thick, making it a stable choice for your favorite yoga moves. Each model features an eye-catching wood grain design that helps set it apart from the other SUP boards out there.

    In addition to its drop-stitch material, this yoga SUP also features a high-quality PVC construction for added durability. It’s also highly versatile and can be used on flat lakes, rivers and oceans with small waves.

    Aside from yoga, the board works especially well for cruising and flatwater sightseeing. You’ll find everything you need for a day on the water thanks to the included adjustable aluminum paddle, a carrying pack and a detachable fin. A four-point bungee design makes it easy to store your belongings out on the water.

    Other perks include an EVA mat to keep you from sliding along with a carrying handle. Built-in valves let you quickly and easily inflate and deflate the board.

  10. 10. Vilano Journey iSUP

    • Only weighs 25 pounds
    • Great for beginner and intermediate users
    • Can fit a kayak seat, cooler, leash and other items
    • Hand pump isn't the most durable
    • Only supports up to 240 pounds
    • Doesn't have side fins

    Not every affordably-priced iSUP is built to last, but the Vilano Journey is an exception with its heavy-duty PVC material and durable Korean drop-stitch construction. The board is 31.5 inches wide and 10 feet long, making it an especially practical choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers.

    This SUP yoga board weighs 25 pounds and supports up to 240 pounds. It’s also equipped with multiple D-rings and a bungee cord to store your belongings as you ride.

    The extra storage space comes in handy in other ways, as you can fit a kayak seat, cooler, leash and other items. A fully adjustable paddle from 65.5 to 86 inches accommodates various user heights.

    This inflatable SUP board comes with a paddle, pump with a pressure gauge, removable center fin, a shoulder strap, backpack, patch and valve wrench and a camera mount and float. An anti-slip deck keeps you comfortable and safe, whether you’re practicing yoga moves or simply cruising along.

  11. 11. Advanced Elements Lotus Inflatable SUP

    • Comes with a hand pump
    • Full-length traction pad
    • Includes a carrying case
    • Doesn't have a carrying handle
    • Pump only inflates
    • Can take awhile to fully inflate

    You’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out SUP yoga poses such as down dog, planks, low lunges and more with this yoga SUP board, thanks to its extra-wide 32-inch deck for increased traction. The foam surface also makes a comfortable and stable platform for your workouts.

    The exterior features a dual-layer skin for added durability, while drop-stitch material keeps the board stiff enough for maximum performance. A single-action pump with a pressure gauge is included, along with a duffel bag to carry your belongings. You’ll also find a carrying strap to transport the board.

    This iSUP measures 10 feet long and 32 inches wide.

What Does SUP Yoga Mean?

Whether you're just starting out or you've already mastered the sport of stand up paddle boarding and are looking to switch it up a bit by adding in some yoga moves, stand up paddle board yoga (SUP yoga) is a fun alternative with lots to offer.

If you're just getting into the sport, you'll want to start with a thicker and wider SUP that's designed for all-around use. This type of board balances just as easily in flat water and small waves, so you won't have to worry about your flow getting interrupted.

A touring SUP is another beginner-friendly board that also works well for longer cruises.

How Do You Do Paddle Board Yoga?

Amelia Travis, founder of Stoked Yogi, shares three basic tips with Yoga Journal to help you master your favorite poses on the water.

The first is to move more slowly by cutting your land-based speed by about half. This includes your breathing, where you'll want to focus on taking slow, deep breaths.

You'll also want to orient yourself around the board's handle whenever you can to maintain your balance.

Gazing at the horizon (or any fixed point) can help you maintain balance and stability as you practice your flow.

What Should I Wear for SUP Yoga?

Unless you're just starting out and are simply doing a quick session to master the basics, chances are you'll spend a good deal of time on the water powering through your favorite yoga moves.

This can mean hours of sun exposure, which means that you'll probably want to keep your skin protected without feeling overdressed in layers. One convenient solution is sun protection clothing in the form of a shirt and leggings.

Most SPF clothing has a higher thread count than your average cotton clothing, yet is breathable enough to keep you comfortable during your yoga practice.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, most protective clothing has at least a UPF 50 rating and will generally last up to three years before it eventually starts to break down.

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