NFL Insider Claims Kyle Shanahan Vied for 49ers Star’s Contract

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While getting Raheem Mostert on a new deal was a coup for the San Francisco 49ers, was it a win for the running back as well?

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio doesn’t seem to think so, talking to Chris Simms on NBC Sports about the running back’s new deal and expressing that it appears as if Mostert got the short end of the stick.

“The indications are that it wasn’t a great deal,” Florio said. “It was just kind of a, ‘let’s do something to make up here’ and get Raheem Mostert feeling better about where he is with the 49ers, maybe some money got moved around.

“This is a team that can get it done with a bunch of running backs, and that was my reaction when Mostert made his power play. They’ll just move on to somebody else, they still have their secret weapon in Jerick McKinnon… If McKinnon’s healthy, you’ve got other guys, you really don’t need Raheem Mostert.”

Florio mentioned that McKinnon hasn’t played in two years, but also made it clear that he is still a little surprised that the trade request and the 49ers’ response happened.

Chris Simms Talks Shanahan’s Perspective

Simms recently had 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan on his podcast to discuss the Super Bowl and more, and his relationship between the two is well-known.

With that context in mind, Simms discussed how Shanahan is likely feeling and how the coach feels about Mostert.

“The Shanahan run scheme is famous. It’s special, we know that,” Simms said. “With a guy like Raheem Mostert, I was shocked when I heard the trade demand and the agent. What I chalked it up to on my podcast, I think I explained this: something was lost in communication here, because I know for a fact that Raheem Mostert is one of Kyle Shanahan’s favorite players, like ever.”

There’s a lot to like about Mostert as a career player and person, so that makes sense. It also makes sense that the back with the best single-season production of any 49ers running back under Shanahan is one that the head coach cares about.

Simms also offered his thoughts on the contract, which only has reported details rather than any official confirmation.

“It reads as if it’s incentive based,” Simms said. “I know my buddy Kyle Shanahan, when he likes a player, and really is all-in on the person and the player, he’ll do his best to go give the guy as much money as he can.”

Florio Explains Contract Details in the NFL

In Simms and Florio’s back-and-forth, Florio responded by explaining how contract releases in the NFL typically work, insinuating that Mostert’s deal isn’t that impressive of a change.

“There is a general rule of thumb in league circles that if the details of a contract don’t emerge within 24 hours after the news of the contract emerges, it’s not a good contract for the player.

“We’ll see, that means its a good contract for the team. We’ll see what the details of the Raheem Mostert contract are, it’s not like he had a lot of leverage and at the end of the day, there are plenty of other guys who can run the football for the San Francisco 49ers.”

Either way, Mostert got an improvement to his current situation, and the 49ers were able to make him happy without breaking the bank.

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