Seahawks Insider Reveals Team’s Thoughts on Signing Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Seahawks

Getty Russell Wilson is pushing for the Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown.

As rumors swirl that the Seattle Seahawks are interested in Antonio Brown, there appears to be a lot that would need to be cleaned up before the team is willing to sign the receiver. ESPN’s Brady Henderson reported that “nothing is close to happening” with the Seahawks citing an ongoing civil suit along with a Sports Illustrated article where Brown was accused of sexual assault.

“The impression one source gave was that nothing is close to happening with the Seahawks and Brown because of what has to be sorted out in his life first,” Henderson explained.

Henderson believes that the Seahawks may be more likely to sign Brown if they can get a bargain. However, the backlash from the accusations levied against Brown could still be the deciding factor for the Seahawks.

“The size of the risk would depend on the size of his contract,” Henderson noted. “…It would be one thing if Brown were available on the cheap. In that scenario, maybe the Seahawks could live with certain parts of his past — the frozen feet and uncertified helmet debacles, going AWOL and confronting his general manager — knowing they’d have an all-world talent at a bargain price and could painlessly cut ties at the first sign of trouble. …But even then, there are the other alleged parts of Brown’s past. It’s hard to imagine an organization that dealt with the fallout from the [Frank] Clark pick signing a player who stands accused of sexual assault.”

The Athletic’s Michael Lombardi Reported That the Seahawks Prefer Antonio Brown Over Josh Gordon

The ESPN report comes after The Athletic’s Michael Lombardi noted on The GM Shuffle podcast that the Seahawks preferred Brown over Gordon. This runs contrary to multiple reports indicating otherwise.

“I hear Seattle is really, really, really interested [in Antonio Brown],” Lombardi explained. “I think Seattle has dropped the Josh Gordon [idea]. Maybe they come back to him if they feel like Brown isn’t [an option]. But I think it’s Brown, Gordon and I think Baltimore is right in it [as well].”

Henderson cited how the Seahawks approached Tramaine Brock in 2017 as a potential blueprint for what to expect with Brown. Seattle only signed Brock after the domestic violence charge was dropped. The Seahawks received a lot of backlash after drafting Frank Clark in the 2015 NFL Draft given his off-field issues.

Wilson Went on Record With His Support for the Seahawks Signing Brown in 2019

There is an important distinction to make when it comes to the Seahawks potentially signing Brown. Russell Wilson is clearly in favor of signing Brown, but that does not necessarily mean the Seahawks feel the same way. How the Seahawks handle the Brown situation may be a telling sign to just how much power Wilson has within the organization.

“For the Seahawks, we are trying to win a Super Bowl,” Wilson explained to ESPN in 2019. “Trying to find every way to win, I think both of those guys, I’ve been around both of those guys [Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon]. Both are tremendous talents, some of the best receiver, talent-wise, to ever play the game kind of talent. So, any time you get an opportunity to play with a guy like that you definitely want to.”

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