Cam Newton With Patriots Will Be ‘Unlike Anything We’ve Seen’: Report

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Cam Newton has gotten a bad wrap. He’s flamboyant, smiles often, he celebrates after scoring touchdowns, and wears his heart on his sleeve when he loses. However, according to many NFL experts, the New England Patriots have signed a winner to an incentive-laden one-year deal. Newton is motivated to prove this next step of his career isn’t about money, it’s about respect.

Take a look at what NFL experts have said about Newton’s character, leadership, and his prospects with the Patriots.

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NFL Experts Weigh in on Cam Newton to the Patriots

Pats Nation 365 captures quotes from former NFL players, journalists, and even Newton’s former college head coach at Auburn to speak to his value as a leader and quarterback.

Take a look:

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#CamNewton #PatriotsNation #Patriots NFL Experts on Cam Newton: Pats Pulpit's Bernd Buchmasser "As a pure passer, however, Newton has not been in the same category as of late because that is not what his skillset is. As noted above, he is at his best when working a quick attack that builds on his rhythm and decision making — something former Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner recognized when he arrived in Carolina in 2018. Turner adapted the team’s offense to take advantage of his quarterback’s strengths, and that meant fewer deep passing attempts and a focus on the short and intermediate parts of the field. Sound familiar?" Former Auburn Coach Gene Chizik: “When Cam gets into the building, he’s all business, he’s a football dude. He loves it, he eats it up, he studies the game – it matters to him. So, he’ll adapt and adjust. What Bill wants — he wants a guy to come into the building and is all football. How he cares about the way he dresses and what he wears – I don’t know. Now, Cam will be on point in the messaging. Whatever Bill’s message is, he will make it clear that is the expectation for what Cam’s message is. So, although it seems like it’s oil and water because you got this one conservative guy who lives by the motto of ‘the less you say the less you have to take back,’ I still think that he’s all about the football grind and he wants football guys and I think that’s what attracted him to Cam. So I think it’s going to work better than most people think. It’s a win-win for New England. If Cam comes in there and he becomes anything close to the 2015 MVP that he was, it’s a win. And I think that’s all Bill cares about. I think when Cam gets into the building, they’ll be on the same page.” USA Today's Steven Ruiz on Cam's Charisma: "Cam is gonna win over the Patriots locker room in about 5 seconds. The most charismatic QB in the league." Former Patriot and ESPN analyst Damien Woody: If Cam is healthy, the Patriots will be "unlike anything we've seen in 20 years of Bill Belichick being in New England. He's never had an offensive weapon like Cam Newton."

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There is another side of Newton that perhaps some haven’t seen. He seems to have a magnetism that draws in people, no matter their race, gender or social class.

Cam Newton’s Charisma

USA Today’s Steven Ruiz drops in this note on Newton’s ability to win over a locker room, and he points to this entertaining segment featuring a much younger Cam holding court on an episode of In Depth With Graham Bensinger:

Is There Still Room for Failure?

Of course. Newton has battled serious injuries the last two seasons, and if he’s either incapable or discouraged to use his legs to make plays, he won’t be quite as dynamic of a force. There’s also the reality of a shortened training camp and preseason. Newton, like anyone else, needs some time to get acclimated to a new system and philosophy.

Last but not least, there’s also a certain fourth-round pick from 2019 who isn’t simply going to lie down and allow Newton to take the starting spot he thought would be his heading into this season after Tom Brady bolted for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If Newton doesn’t beat Stidham out for the job, his stay with the Patriots will almost certainly be a short one. However, if he’s healthy, still a dual-threat, and sends Stidham to the second string. Look out AFC East, AFC, and NFL, the Patriots will be dangerous.

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