Lakers Legend’s Brother: Brooklyn Nets Are Going to NBA Finals Next Season

Kevin Durant Knicks

Getty Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving teamed up on the Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets will appear in the NBA Finals next year, Daniel Artest told me on today’s episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“The Brooklyn Nets next season will be going to the NBA Finals,” Artest the host of the Daniel Artest Podcast & brother to former Los Angeles Lakers champion, Metta World Peace stated on the pod.

“They’re coming out the East next year. Yeah. I’m not buying into the whole nonsense with Kyrie Irving, you know? – Listen, the issue everybody has with Kyrie is not an on court issue. This how I feel about Kyrie Irving…I love Kyrie. I think that the media – my dad always said that ‘the pen is always mightier than the sword.’ And I think when they ask Kyrie a question, he don’t answer it the way that they want him to answer it. He’s just being him. I think the media just writes these crazy stories about him.”

Last summer Brooklyn brought Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan to the Big Apple.

Artest believes that his position as an athlete and a media member gives him a front row view to much. “I’ve been noticing that since I’ve been podcasting, I listen to other podcasts just for like, you know inspiration or whatever,” he said.

“So I’ve been following the Hoop Collectors and I’ve noticed that when Kyrie was in Boston, Jackie McMullen; she’d be on his case like crazy! Labeling him as some type of a different person or whatever. So with Kyrie, I think all his issues is off court stuff. They say that he’s a team cancer because of his mood and stuff like that, this guy wants to win. Some people are in the NBA to make the money, some people are in to win. Kyrie is a winner and he gets frustrated when players are not playing up to the level that they should be. But him and Kevin Durant and he’s even more elite than Kyrie – I think that Kevin Durant has more. Of course he has the two championships, he’s an All-Star, and he’s the better player…he can be that buffer between Kyrie and the rest of the team and he can also talk to Kyrie and be like, “Yo, listen. Fall back in line now and let’s go make it happen.” So I kind of feel like that the Nets are going to be dangerous next year with them two. They’re going to healthy, chemistry is right, don’t trade Caris LeVert or whatever…keep him, so the Nets are going to be dangerous.”

Brooklyn added Jamal Crawford to their roster.

Artest likes the addition.

“Yeah. I’ve known Jamal Crawford since he played with my brother in his second year they were on the Bulls together,” said Artest.

“So I’ve known Jamal Crawford since I was 17. And that dude is an amazing player. At Michigan I was a fan of him watching him at Michigan and he stills plays the same way too. What I like about at him being a 6’5” -6’6” point guard is how he stays in the athletic position when he dribbles. He’s never standing straight up. He’s always in an explosive position like, if he wants to go one way, he goes one way without wasting the extra movements of being so tall, he’s always staying down. He looks like he’s playing about 6’3” but you know, by him being 6’5” he’s always ready to go. So I think that with him, he could definitely help the Nets off the bench too. He looks great and is in shape still and hey, he’s a professional bucket getter. That’s his name, you know? Keeping him and adding with Kyrie and Durant especially when the game gets tight and somebody might be off? Jamal Crawford can come through. He still looks like he can go. I can’t wait to see him play in this restart.”

A Queens, New York native, Artest shared his recipe for what the Nets need to be successful. “The Nets are just missing their star players,” he said.

“They’re good. They’re going to be alright. They’re just missing their two stars that’s all. They got the young big man Jarrett Allen – now, I think that DeAndre Jordan shouldn’t be starting; I think that Jarrett Allen should be the starter going forward. I think that the Nets are solid man. The Nets are solid.”