Analyst Downplays Matt Ryan’s Hall-of-Fame Chances

Matt Ryan

Getty Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Well-respected ESPN commentator Bomani Jones sparked a very unnecessary debate over whether or not Matt Ryan is a Hall of Fame quarterback.

It wasn’t just a right off the bat discussion about Matt Ryan. It all started when Jones engaged with fans over quarterbacks who came out of the first round the 2017 draft: Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes.

Jones responded to a tweet comparing Watson and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan but the fire started after Jones called Matt Ryan being a Hall of Fame QB ‘ridiculous.’

Falcons Fans Fire Back

Falcons fans came out of the woodworks to team up with plenty of comebacks.

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There’s a lot more where these comments came from.

Why Matt Ryan is Hall of Fame Worthy

Ryan is certainly on the right path to Canton, Ohio.

When signing as a Falcons, Ryan had big shoes to fill after Mike Vicks’ absence. He did just that and more. Ryan became the best quarterback in Falcon’s history and is still their all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. On top of that, he has also turned into one of the most productive and consistent QBs in the entire NFL, with a rating of 90. Ryan is also the only Falcons player to earn an MVP.

Out of all 32 quarterbacks, Ryan ranks first in yards per attempt (8.12), second in adjusted yards per attempt (8.29), fourth in passer rating (101.2), and has thrown the fifth-most touchdowns (114).

Ryan doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Just because Ryan doesn’t have a ring doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the most elite QBs to ever exist. He has been consistently near the top of ESPN’s QB Rating statistics since 2008. Except for 2009 when he was injured. You won’t find Ryan in the top rankings of NFL QBs on Google.

since entering the league, Ryan has only missed 3 games. The last game he missed was with an ankle sprain during the 2019 season against the Seahawks. Up until then, he hadn’t missed a game since 2009 and was on a 151 regular-season game streak of starts, marking the fifth-longest streak for the QB position in NFL.

Only 10 QB’s in ALL of NFL history have 50,000 passing yards and ‘Matty Ice’ is one of them. He also is tied for the most comebacks in the fourth quarter. Ryan only won NFL MVP in 2016 but has had four Pro Bowls. Derek Carr hasn’t even been selected as many times for the Pro Bowl and Eli Manning has the same as Ryan.

Ryan unknowingly takes the blame by fans and the media for the Falcons not having a Super Bowl win. Those who blame him simply don’t know how much value he actually brings to the table for the Falcons and the help from the rest of the team he that he doesn’t get.

He has been extremely fortunate to play with some of the most talented receivers over the years such as; Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez. But, he still had to get them the ball and they still had to do their part. Not to mention the defense who has been ranked poorly over the past decade along with the offensive line. And when the defense even had a chance in 2018 to be really, really good, injury galore happened.

Jones Isn’t Convinced

Even after all of the stats and countless arguments proving Ryan’s Hall of Fame worth, Jones isn’t convinced.

I and I know many of you think it’s time for Jones to throw in the towel…

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