Former Patriots CB Continues Social Media Attack on NFL Legends

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What is going on with Asante Samuel? It seems Mr. Pick-Six routinely takes shots at random NFL legends questioning the validity of their status as one of the game’s greats.

This time, Samuel chose to challenge the legacy of former Washington cornerback Darrell Green, and most people on Twitter weren’t having it from the former New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and Philadelphia Eagles star, Super Bowl champion, and Pro-Bowler.

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Asante Samuels’ Tweet About Darrell Green

The Responses to Asante Samuel are Raw

Clearly, Samuel wants to be engaged with this tweet, and fans, former players, and members of the media seem to fall into the trap–myself included. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

This isn’t an example of Samuel at his best. It’s unclear what provoked Samuel to target Green. It seems random and sort of mean-spirited toward someone who doesn’t appear to have wronged Samuel.

Green has something that Samuel appears to want, and that’s a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It appears Samuel is looking at guys who played his position, have been inducted, and he’s trying the disparage their resumes as a means to elevate himself.

That’s classic 2020 behavior.

This isn’t the First Time Asante Has Taken on a Legend

Just a couple weeks ago, Samuel poked at Bill Belichick on Twitter. He took credit for a defensive technique and mentioned some of the debates he used to have with the coach when he played for the Patriots.

Asante isn’t Always Wrong

There are times when the outspoken former star is on point. First, he does deserve to be a Hall-of-Famer. If you followed football closely during his career, then you know, few if any, were on his level at his position.

Here are a few other gems from his Twitter timeline:

He was the kind of player that offensive coordinators had to gameplan around. His football IQ is on a genius level. If you’re looking for a comparison to a player outside the NFL to better comprehend his presence, he’s similar to another former Boston sports athlete, and that’s former Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

Their understanding of the game and willingness to speak out can often make them a cross between invaluable and disruptive, and that mixture in itself is polarizing.

Perhaps he’s crazy like a fox. Tell me you wouldn’t watch an NFL talk show with Samuel as the host, even if it was just to disagree with him?

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