Jon Jones Keeps Training for Massive Superfight

UFC Champ Jon Jones


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is currently in a battle with UFC president Dana White over how much the company’s best fighter deserves to be paid for his desired superfight against heavyweight monster Francis Ngannou. But none of that seems to have kept the 32-year-old megastar from training for the fight over the past few months.

At least, that’s how things look from a distance at the present. Jones posted via social media that he was up to 230 pounds earlier this week alongside some video of the fighter honing his craft.

In that video, Jones is still quite clearly working on the things that matter most to UFC athletes on fight night, which includes the timing and distance practices that can only be mastered by working with another human being.

Additionally, Jones has consistently posted pictures and videos of himself bulking up, so it could easily be assumed that the 6-foot-4 Jones is steadily working himself into the heavyweight division.

And who knows? Maybe in the meantime, Jones is on his way toward a superfight exhibition bout against retired boxing champ Mike Tyson like he called for last month.

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Jon Jones Stays on the Grind

If you follow fight sports closely, you’ll know most combat sports athletes don’t stay grinding all year long like this, especially the ones that have amassed such wealth and fame already.

That’s especially true amidst massive contract disputes where the fighter is threatening to stay inactive for years to come.

But Jones keeps working himself into what could soon become the newest and best heavyweight contender on the planet.

That’s huge for his legacy. Jones is already considered one of the best MMA fighters in history. A stunning run in the heavyweight division would only solidify his claim to being the best UFC fighter ever.

Jon Jones vs.  Dana White

Jones has been actively involved in supporting local charities in his home city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In fact, the optics of Jones doing good things around the world right now while the UFC finances their own island to host fights in Abu Dhabi aren’t super great for a company helmed by a man who consistently has wanted to claim the moral high ground over Jones when it comes to justifying White’s take on contractual matters.

Regardless, White’s brash toughness and sometimes unequivocally rude behavior through the media shouldn’t overshadow the fact that White usually does eventually come around when it comes to doing what is best for the company.

He didn’t let his dispute with Jorge Masvidal stand in the way when UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman’s opponent for UFC 251 fell off the card, and he’s not likely to let his dispute with Jones cloud his vision either.

White sometimes takes heat for some of his crass words and decisions, but he’s also arguably the single biggest reason the UFC even exists today.

There was a time when the entire world seemed to be against the idea of MMA. But White’s shrewd planning and smart business tactics helped MMA survive in the United States and turned the UFC into the most profitable and popular MMA promotional company in the world.

Jones probably knows he’ll eventually get what he wants, so he’s smartly taking advantage of his time right now to prepare for it.

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