13 Best Kangaroo Shoes for Exercise and Fun

Ready to take your daily exercise regimen to the next level?  With a pair of kangaroo shoes, you and your children can burn calories, build strength, and have an awesome time outdoors or in. All while reducing stress on your joints and muscles by up to 80%! There are a variety of styles, sizes, and designs to choose from, so browse through our Best Kangaroo Shoes list and find the right pair for you.

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Kangaroo Shoes

Simply put, kangaroo shoes are essentially shoes with springs. There are different styles to choose from, but they mostly all share the same basic characteristics. You put them on to run or jump with the assistance of bands or springs at the base of the shoe.

These kangaroo shoes are proven to provide numerous health benefits to their user. Best Health Gear states that "After 20 years of studies into the health advantages of wearing kangaroo shoes, it is concluded that they do a good job of reducing strain and damage to the joints." In fact, some brands state they their jump shoes provide up to 80% relief than just running or jumping with sneakers. 

But it's not just joints that are emboldened. Kangaroo shoes will also help to promote better balance and posture. As well as strengthen the core and lower torso muscles. Oh, and they're crazy good for cardio too!

Jumping Shoes

Jumping shoes is pretty much just another term for kangaroo shoes, but most regard these specifically as shoes with springs. These are typically fashioned like boots that you strap into. While less expensive models use springs to give the jump shoes their bounce, higher-end options use flexible bands that stretch and propel with each step. 

The flexibility of these bands is what gives kangaroo shoes the credit they deserve for muscle and joint relief. But they're also what helps to make them so much fun as they provide the bounce and push which makes these shoes so alluring. 

Jumping Stilts

While jumping shoes with bands are arguably the most popular option out there, there's another contender in the Best Kangaroo Shoes market in the form of jumping stilts.

Skyrunner dominates the field here. They have jumping stilts for adults and children of all sizes. Instead of using boots and bands, these kangaroo shoes resemble small stilts that the user straps into. Beneath the stilt is spring functionality which makes people capable of jumping and running with increased ability. And like the booted models, they're also renowned for relieving stress on the muscles and joints, as well as providing great cardio and strengthening benefits. 


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