Analyst Explains How Lamar Jackson Can Beat Patrick Mahomes’ Contract

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson feasting during a game against the Jets.

The rivalry between Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson seems like it’s just getting started, and the only thing that is clear is each player is going to be very rich for a long time.

In the end, though, Mahomes might be a little bit ahead of Jackson in terms of a player and he is certainly ahead of him in terms of a contract. What could change that in the end? Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports compared the Baltimore Ravens star with the stud from the Kansas City Chiefs and said that in the end, there’s really one difference and thus far, it’s the postseason.

Cowherd said:

“Lamar Jackson has been unbelievable playing with a lead and in regular seasons. He’s been awful in the playoffs. Patrick Mahomes has been great at home, on the road, warm weather, cold weather, leading, and trailing 24-0. Patrick Mahomes and Russsell Wilson, this is the difference. Circumstances don’t matter. Even Aaron Rodgers who I’m critical of, Rodgers, Mahomes and Russell Wilson, playoffs, it’s pretty much the same quarterback. Lamar Jackson is 19-3 in the regular season, mostly playing with a lead and MVP. In 2 playoff games, he completes 51% of his throws, his passer rating is 68, 3 touchdowns, 3 picks. It’s a small sample size. Could I just say it’s random. Could be. Could I say it’s just 2 bad games? Absolutely. You’re not going to let Lamar Jackson walk. He’s getting a contract. But if he had a 3rd playoff game and stunk, that’s the difference between $36 million and $46 million.”

It’s clear the playoff critique isn’t going away easily for Jackson. In a pair of playoff starts, Jackson has passed for 559 yards, 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions and is 0-2. Mahomes has been much better en-route to a Super Bowl and plenty of early wins, but the good news for Jackson is he is still young and has time to make up for the tough start to his playoff career.

If Jackson has a solid rebound in 2020 and beyond, he might just shatter Mahomes’ numbers. If he doesn’t, though, it will be interesting to see what the Ravens do money wise. The bet is on Jackson still managing to cash in as Cowherd says, but the playoffs could be the sticking point between this duo.

NFL Analyst Betting on Patrick Mahomes Over Lamar Jackson

Who should be considered as the top choice to lead a franchise at this point in time? According to a new Bleacher Report poll of writers, the answer is Mahomes, albeit narrowly. He won a poll 4-3 in terms of which quarterback the analysts would take.

Chiming in on that front, the Pro Football Talk account run by Mike Florio also cast a vote for Mahomes, saying he’s the better player even though Jackson is special.

Obviously, for the Ravens, this debate is meaningless. Their top goal is to win the Super Bowl following the 2020 season playing out, and Jackson is an excellent player to help them toward that goal as the reigning 2020 MVP. The moves the Ravens made this offseason should help to supplement Jackson in this goal moving forward, no matter who the experts support head to head.

Colin Cowherd Taking Patrick Mahomes Over Lamar Jackson

According to Cowherd recently, Mahomes is the better quarterback to bet on for the long term. After watching the Super Bowl, Cowherd made a proclamation about where the Baltimore Ravens‘ quarterback stands against the Chiefs’ signal caller.

“I’d still take Patrick Mahomes the next 10 years. I think there’s a gap between Mahomes and Lamar Jackson,” Cowherd said. “When Lamar Jackson trails late in games, he gets further away from what makes him special; the feet. When Patrick Mahomes trails late, he leans into his greatest talent, throwing the ball.”

As Cowherd continued, Mahomes is never out of a game, something which showed up in the Super Bowl which is different than Jackson.

“There’s no formula with Patrick Mahomes. He can trail by 21 late, it doesn’t matter. That’s the gap between Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, and it’s no shot at Jackson. You saw the gap. You felt the gap,” he said. “Even the Baltimore coaches first half against Tennessee’s low wattage offense, when Baltimore trailed first half, you could sense the Baltimore coaches’ panic. In the Super Bowl, there was never any panic. That’s the gap. That’s the difference. Not all MVP’s are flawless.”

Cowherd believes that Jackson has conditions to be able to win games, while Mahomes doesn’t.

“As long as he gets the ball, he’ll win. I don’t feel that way with Lamar,” he said. “I feel there’s a certain style and the game has to work a certain way and Lamar needs a running game. He’s better playing with a lead, playing downhill. Don’t want him trailing by 2 touchdowns with 6 minutes left. I thought you saw a gap there.”

As always, it’s easy to judge these things in an immediate vacuum but likely, the only thing needed to completely judge this is time. If Jackson has a rebound, not only will he get paid, but the next great quarterback duel will be born.

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