Mike Tyson’s Comeback Opponent Explains Choice [WATCH]

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Mike Tyson’s confirmed comeback opponent Roy Jones Jr. said he was trying to stay retired from boxing, but that Tyson’s people just kept calling him about the now confirmed megafight. Jones, 51, from Florida, talked about the fight as far back as last month in a video that’s resurfaced since Jones was announced on Thursday to be Tyson’s comeback opponent.

“We always wanted to see it, but I would’ve preferred it back then,” Jones said. “Tyson is a hell of a specimen…still a problem to deal with. But at the same time, life is life, you only live once.”

In short, it sounds like Jones is willing to live life on life’s terms. The stalwart fighter didn’t get to fight Tyson back when both men were younger and in their prime years, but he’s willing to do it now because that’s what’s available to him.

“You want to know what it’s like, you go in there and see,” Jones said. “You still gotta see it.”

You can watch the full video clip of Jones talking about his unexpected Tyson megafight below.

Tyson vs. Jones is in an eight-round exhibition bout scheduled for September 12. The bout will be broadcast live on pay-per-view as well as multi-media platform Triller.

Roy Jones Shared Videos and Images About Fight

Jones took to social media before the announcement was made on Thursday morning to issue what has to be seen now as his official statement on how he believes he’ll fare against Tyson.

“Hey, never underestimate the heart of a killer or the heart of a winner,” Jones said.

Jones also shared a clip of the two fighters talking to each other on a video call while each man signed his portion of the contract for the fight.

“There you go,” Tyson said as he signed his part.

“There it is,” Jones said as he did the same.

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Jones also revealed what could be the official fight poster for the event. In the caption, Jones wrote, “I am happy that this fight between me and Mike Tyson will happen! I was always ready and will be ready this time as well. I want all my fans to support me and tune in. Its gonna be epic.”

Tyson vs. Jones is a stunning development in the fight world that nobody saw coming.

For his part, it looks like Jones is excited to be the fighter that was chosen to share the ring with Tyson for his 2020 comeback fight.

Triller’s Promo Video for Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones

Below you can watch the promotional video produced by Triller for Tyson vs. Jones.

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