Vikings Top-10 Madden 21 Ratings Leaked & Some Are Ridiculous

Madden NFL 21

Courtesy of Electronic Arts The Minnesota Vikings‘ top-10 Madden 21 player ratings were leaked recently.

Madden NFL 21 player ratings have begun to slowly trickle into social media over the past week, but on Monday the floodgates opened.

Madden School leaked all 32 teams‘ top-10 players, and the Minnesota Vikings ratings were… let’s say a mixed bag. A few were on the nose, a few were a bit overrated, but many were just horribly undervalued.

Here’s the list of all 10 Vikings players leaked.

  • Harrison Smith – 95
  • Dalvin Cook – 91
  • Michael Pierce – 91
  • Adam Thielen – 90
  • Eric Kendricks – 89
  • Danielle Hunter – 89
  • Kyle Rudolph – 84
  • Anthony Harris – 83
  • Kirk Cousins – 82
  • Anthony Barr – 82

Now, let’s break it down.

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Anthony Harris Slept On

Madden 20

Courtesy of Electronic ArtsAnthony Harris in Madden 20.

Full disclaimer: Most of these leaked launch week player ratings match their Madden 20 end-of-season ratings, making the leak not so much as a surprise, but a reminder of how Madden views the Vikings. Many player ratings climbed quite a bit from their launch week numbers, which is likely the thought behind leaving it to the players to prove their ratings in 2020.

But Anthony Harris at 83 overall? Harris led the NFL with six interceptions last season. Harris has been widely regarded — at the very least — a top-five safety in the league if not the best. Harris owns the highest safety grade by Pro Football Focus.

For those who want to argue that 2019 was a flash in the pan, Harris, who was undrafted in 2015 and has played in 31 games in his five-year career, has either intercepted or broken up 21 passes on 53 targets, according to Purple Insider’s Matthew Coller. Earl Thomas in his prime (2012-2015) broke up 22 passes on 95 targets — he was rated an 88 this season at age 31. Reputation has played a factor as Madden has yet to acknowledge Harris entering his prime.

Harris recently ranked as the fourth-best safety in the NFL by CBS Sports, yet was ranked lower than all nine other safeties who made the list.

Room to Grow While Some  Could Regress

Eric Kendricks had one of the best seasons of any coverage linebacker in the NFL last season and was given an 89 overall. He is the third-highest rated linebacker, behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lavonte David (90) and the Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner (98). Kendricks is deserving of the rank and maybe even a bit higher of a rating after setting what’s believed to be the most pass breakups (12) ever by a linebacker last season, per PFF. Kendricks climbed 11 points from his launch week rating to the end of the season in Madden 20.

Kirk Cousins at one point was an 83 in Madden 20 but had his rating knocked down to 82 in Week 17 — a game against the Chicago Bears where he didn’t play along with the rest of the Vikings starters. His postseason performance was not accounted as he begins the season at 82 overall. His rating is relatively accurate, given only five quarterbacks are above 90, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see his rating climb if he builds off his success in 2019.

Danielle Hunter at 89 also has room to develop after growing from an 86 overall at the launch of Madden 20. He is the youngest player to reach 50 sacks in his career and has yet to reach his prime as a 25-year-old.

Defensive tackle Michael Pierce is a curious rating at 91 overall. Pierce was a vital piece to the Baltimore Ravens run defense but has yet to crack any top-10 position rankings list from any sports outlets. He’s tied as the third-highest rated defensive tackle in the game. Last year Pierce was rated 92 overall and The GameHaus suggested his rating be adjusted to 86.

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