Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs Agree to Historic Contract Extension

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes will be adjoined for a long time thanks to a historic 10-year extension reported on Monday afternoon.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the deal on Twitter on Monday, and it instantly became the No. 1 topic of conversation in the NFL, and in sports in general.

Mahomes’ deal is one of the largest in professional sports history, and it was a deal that had been forecast for months. Mahomes has been in the NFL for three seasons, and he’s already won a league MVP and led his team to a Super Bowl championship while winning MVP honors in the big game.

Mahomes doesn’t turn 25 until September.

Grasping the Enormity of Mahomes’ Deal

While terms of Mahomes’ deal haven’t been completely revealed, Schefter offered a few more layers to put this mammoth agreement into the proper perspective.

While other quarterbacks in the past have received 10-year deals, such as Drew Bledsoe, while he was with the New England Patriots, and Brett Favre during his glory days with the Green Bay Packers, but you can bet the total revenue of Mahomes’ deal will dwarf what those two former quarterbacks secured from their teams.

In fact, I’d expect Mahomes to make more in four years than Bledsoe or Favre made for the life of their contracts.

So Much for the Madden Curse

Mahomes was the cover athlete for Madden 19, and when that announcement was made, superstitious Chiefs fans went into a panic. It seems it is safe to say Mahomes has debunked the foolish Madden Curse talk.

Not only has he had arguably the most successful first three years of any quarterback in NFL history, but he’s also just secured the largest payday anyone has ever seen in football. If that’s cursed, then the opposite must be beyond anyone’s belief.

Of course, people will still try to link any future hardship Mahomes endures to this silly concept, but if we’re all being honest and logical (which I suppose goes out of the window when discussing curses associated with video games) we’d have to agree no one has shut the curse talk down quite as clearly as the Chiefs’ cash cow.

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