Boxing Champ Ends Retirement After Calling Out Conor McGregor

UFC Star Conor McGregor in a Boxing Ring


Retired boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya officially ended his retirement on Wednesday just two months after challenging UFC superstar Conor McGregor to a boxing match. De La Hoya was one of boxing’s biggest superstars during the 1990s and 2000s. Now the 47-year-old is heading back to the ring again, and he’s looking for a legitimate prizefight.

“It’s a real fight,” said De La Hoya per ESPN. “I miss being in the ring, I love boxing. Boxing is what gave me everything I have today, and I just miss it.”

De La Hoya Was Massive Boxing Superstar

De La Hoya was a massive superstar who won 10 world titles in six different weight classes from 1992 to 2008.

De La Hoya founded his own boxing promotional company during his fighting career and parlayed his crossover success as a fighter into quickly becoming one of the most powerful boxing promoters in the world.

But now De La Hoya plans to be a fighter again, too.

“Look, it’s been a long time, yes,” said De La Hoya per ESPN. “But actually my jab feels faster than ever. I have to make sure that my conditioning is perfect, my health is good. And that’s going to take place in the next few weeks. So we’ll see.”

De La Hoya Reveals Weight Class

De La Hoya told ESPN he’s looking for a fighter somewhere between 154 and 160 pounds. The fighter also suggested that boxers today have focused too much on things outside boxing.

“All these fighters are not of the level that was 15, 20 years [ago], all these fighters are demanding so much money, all these fighters are demanding the moon,” said De La Hoya per ESPN.

De La Hoya believes his old school mentality will help him in his comeback.

“These guys are in it just for the money–that’ll be the big difference,” De La Hoya said per ESPN. “I will fight for the glory, and these guys only fight for the money. And guess what? The glory will always win.”

McGregor vs. De La Hoya?

De La Hoya didn’t reveal any specific fighters he’d be targeting in his comeback.

“Any top guy, any top guy out there,” said De La Hoya.

However, the Hall of Famer has long suggested that he could knock out McGregor in just two rounds.

“Oh, come on, brother,” De La Hoya had told CBS Sports’ Brian Campbell back in May. “Two rounds. Because one thing about me, one thing about me, I went for the kill always.”

McGregor then shocked everyone by accepting De La Hoya’s challenge to a boxing match after the UFC’s biggest superstar had apparently heard the 47-year-old American make that claim.

But De La Hoya backed off the idea once McGregor agreed to the fight. “For the record: McGregor, I never challenged you,” De La Hoya said via Twitter. “I was just asked a question and I simply spoke the truth…”

De La Hoya changed his tune in June.

De La Hoya used social media to lob his own challenge to McGregor just one day after McGregor announced his retirement.

“Whenever you’re ready,” De La Hoya said.

Now, De La Hoya has officially unretired from boxing, so maybe the intergenerational superfight between McGregor and De La Hoya is closer to becoming a reality.

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