‘I Was Wrong:’ Kelly Stafford Apologizes to Colin Kaepernick Over Protests

Kelly Stafford

Getty Kelly Stafford and Matthew Stafford at an event.

Kelly Stafford had time to reflect on the mission of Colin Kaepernick and those demanding social justice in America and she has a simple message.

I am sorry.

Stafford, on the heels of a major donation along with her husband Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford, took time to explain her thinking on Instagram and as she said, she had a lot to reflect on and learn about in the last few years as things have played out.

Here’s what Stafford wrote in her post:

“This is something that Matthew and I have been thinking about and talking about for several months now.

When Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem, I had strong feelings about it. Even when he kept saying it had nothing to do with the flag or military, I didn’t listen. I kept not listening to him or anyone else and let the political rhetoric persuade me that him kneeling was disrespectful to our military.

Over the past several months, I have opened my ears, mind and heart and it has opened my eyes to see how wrong I was and for that I am sorry.

This systematic racism is not going away unless we ALL work on it by working on ourselves and those around us. It’s time for everyone to do their part to help end this system.

Matthew and I thought this was a good place to start. We are proud to be a part of this program and we will keep fighting to end this social injustice. Black Lives Matter.”

With their donation, the Stafford family is putting their money and actions where their mouth is. It’s very refreshing to see, and excellent that someone could admit they were wrong previously. Certainly, for that the Stafford family deserves major credit.

Matthew Stafford, Kelly Stafford Reveal UGA Social Justice Donation

Stafford along with his wife Kelly have pledged $350,000 to the University of Georgia to help kick-start a social justice program for student athletes at the school. They were joined by Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and his wife Mary Beth, who donated $150,000. Together, the amount reaches $500,000.

While complete specifics have not been revealed on what the donations will serve to fund at this point, it is said in the statement that the donation will help student athletes, coaches and staff in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice at the university. More specifics will be revealed at a later date with regards to the actual plan.

It’s clear the Stafford family wanted to get involved in helping matters at their alma mater, and with this donation, that’s been done in a big way. It will be exciting to see how the Stafford’s gift helps in the future.

Matthew Stafford Re-Affirms Commitment to Detroit

Speaking with the media for the first time ahead of camp getting going, Stafford commented again that outcome was excellent from his perspective, and cleared up a common misconception regarding the sale of his home. No, he isn’t looking to leave Detroit. Just the opposite, in fact. Stafford is committed to the team and the city more than ever.

Many wondered upon the revealing news that his Michigan house was for sale if this tipped either Stafford or Detroit’s hand moving forward, but it’s clear that his wife’s explanation at the time was spot on. Stafford remains committed to Detroit moving forward and that is great to see.

The biggest hope now? Somehow, the Lions can do enough winning to elevate Stafford with regards to his NFL standing. He deserves it for how committed he remains to the city, their fans and the team.

Him and his family deserve it for as generous and open minded as they have been as well.

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