Kelly Stafford Rips NFL After Matthew Stafford’s COVID Test [LOOK]

Matthew Stafford Kelly Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford at an event.

Matthew Stafford was cleared to come back to work with the Detroit Lions after a false positive coronavirus test, and the process as well as the aftermath didn’t sit well with his wife Kelly Stafford.

Following the ordeal her family went through, Stafford went on Instagram and explained some of the things that played out following her husband’s presumed positive result. From worries about schooling to public ridicule, the family experienced a ton in a few short days prior to Stafford being cleared.

As Stafford said, she blames the NFL for the way things were handled considering the importance of the test. Truth be told, she is not wrong a single bit. The hope is the league can learn from this case and make some much needed improvements before the season gets underway.

Matthew Stafford False Positive Revealed

Stafford was revealed to have a false positive by the team on Tuesday. As a result, the Lions revealed they had removed Stafford from their COVID/Reserve list on Tuesday afternoon and reinstated him to the team. Furthermore, the team also tested Stafford’s family and everyone was negative.

This situation was a scare for the Lions not just in terms of the health of Stafford, but his young family as well. It’s good to hear the positive was a mistake in the end, even as frustrating as it was for the family in the meantime.

Explaining Matthew Stafford’s COVID Result

According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated after the news broke, Stafford did test positive for the virus over last weekend, but he did point out how the tests aren’t perfect at this point in time for the league.

Here’s a look at what Breer wrote on the case:

“Lions QB Matt Stafford did, indeed, test positive for COVID-19 (this wasn’t a case of being in close contact with someone sick). The test was administered on Friday, and Stafford was asymptomatic beforehand. That means that Stafford passed tests on Tuesday and Wednesday, before the positive came up and landed him on the reserve list. And now he’ll have to go through the process of being cleared to go back in the building. So what happened? It’s hard to know. But this is a reminder that these tests still aren’t perfect, and problems could certainly result with players being tested as consistently as they will (which, in my opinion, is the right way to do it, and something the players pushed for). For now, it’s manageable.”

The chance of the test being something other than positive were explained by Dr. Jessica Flynn on Twitter. She explained the possibility that Stafford had a contaminated sample, or had very small traces of the virus in his system early on leading to the positive test. Or, it was a true positive and his viral load simply increased over a few days time. As we know now, none of that was the case and it was a simple false.

Now that Stafford’s test was revealed to be a false positive, the team will now work toward getting him back into the building.

Matthew Stafford Placed on COVID/Reserve List Last Week

Late Saturday, it was revealed the quarterback had been placed on the COVID/Reserve list for the team. Stafford at the time was the highest profile player to make the list for the Lions in recent days given his position on the team. He was also the first quarterback in the league to crack the list in 2020.

ESPN’s Field Yates was first to break the story at the time:

Thankfully, the test turned out negative in the end, but that doesn’t change the fact that it caused some frustration and some anxious moments in the meantime. The hope is the league can work toward improving their testing and reporting in the meantime so that no other players have to go through such a thing.

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