Mike Tyson Revealed Tactics for Fight vs. Floyd Mayweather

Mike Tyson


Two-time heavyweight champion Mike Tyson knows he would never actually be able to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside a boxing ring. Tyson, a two-time heavyweight champion, is just way too big for Mayweather, who started his boxing career in the 130-pound division and finished it fighting mostly as a 147-pound welterweight.

But that hasn’t kept the 54-year-old from revealing in the past how he would approach the task of facing the undefeated Mayweather if the two were able to meet inside a boxing ring.

“You have to be dirty. You got to be rough. You have to use the elbows, head, bend it up…you have to use everything,” Tyson told the Wall Street Journal during a 2013 interview.

Tyson Hailed Mayweather as ‘Masterful’

Tyson hailed Mayweather as “masterful” and said, “As far as his style is concerned, this guy is a master fighter when it comes to that style of fighting. It’s almost impossible to beat him.”

Regardless of the huge disparity in weight, Tyson at least seems to have given the issue some thought before.

“We can never fight, of course, because of the weight difference, but I wouldn’t fight him the way they fought him…,” Tyson said.

Arguably the most popular heavyweight boxing champion since Muhammad Ali, Tyson revealed that he wouldn’t try to outbox the 50-0 Mayweather. Instead, he would make things as rough as possible for the boxing savant and basically try to hit him anywhere and everywhere he could.

“I would be mean. I would be dirty. Because you’d have to do everything to fight him because he’s just so good. You can’t…it’s almost impossible to fight him clean,” Tyson said.

Still, Tyson admitted even trying to rough Mayweather up was an uncertain tactic.

“It’s really hard to beat him,” Tyson said.

Tyson said Mayweather’s defensive prowess and expert counterpunching ability make him one of the hardest outs in boxing history. On top of that, Mayweather’s carefully crafted style was one of the hardest puzzles to solve in the sport.

“It’s really difficult to beat him in that particular style,” Tyson said.

It’s no wonder Mayweather went on to retire undefeated, one of the few boxing champions in history to ever do that.

“Love him or hate him, he’s a hard man to beat,” Tyson said.

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Tyson Returns to Boxing on September 12

Tyson, 54, returns to action to face Roy Jones Jr. on September 12.

While the vast disparity in size between Tyson and Mayweather meant those two fighters could never actually face each other in a legitimate prizefight, Jones Jr. is arguably the next closest thing.

In fact, like Mayweather, Jones Jr. was once the top pound-for-pound fighter of his era.

Moreover, Tyson will still enjoy a size advantage over his next opponent on fight night.

After all, Jones Jr. started his professional boxing career in the 160-pound middleweight division and moved up over time to win world titles in four different weight classes.

One of those divisions was heavyweight, though, so Tyson vs. Jones was actually a superfight that almost happened back in 2003 but will instead happen as a special attraction pay-per-view exhibition bout 17 years later in 2020.

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