UFC Commentator Receives Harsh Warning After Incident: ‘I Will Fire You’

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Getty A detailed view of a microphone is seen in the interview room next to the media filing room during UFC 249 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on May 09, 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida.

UFC color commentator and former fighter Dan Hardy received a harsh warning from UFC president Dana White after he was involved in a verbal altercation with referee Herb Dean. During the featured bout of the UFC Fight Night 174 preliminary card on July 25, Francisco Trinaldo cracked Jai Herbert with a vicious overhand right, dropping Herbert to the ground with a compromised level of consciousness. Because Herbert’s arm was still raised in the air, Dean allowed the action to continue until Trinaldo landed a few more unanswered blows.

During the broadcast, Hardy was heard yelling at the Dean to stop the fight. After the match, Hardy approached Dean and said (via Bloody Elbow): “I’m doing my job, now you do yours! Gotta look out for these fighters! My goodness!”

After the event, Dean defended his judgment on Instagram and said that he would have allowed the fight to continue had someone not yelled “stop the fight.” During the UFC Fight Night 174 post-fight press conference, UFC senior vice president David Shaw said that the promotion would look into the incident between Hardy and Dean.

Dana White Said That If a UFC Employee Approached a Referee Like That Again He Would Fire Them

On Friday at a media scrum, White made it clear that if a UFC employee or contractor interacted with a referee like that again, they would be fired “on the spot.” He said (h/t Bloody Elbow):

Nobody has the right to [approach the referee]. Listen, you want to criticize judges, you want to criticize referees, you didn’t agree with a decision or things like that. We love Dan [Hardy], and Dan got emotional. The problem is that with this setup, it’s a lot easier to do. It’s a lot easier to interact with everyone. From the fighters to the referees to the media and everybody. If you work for me in any capacity and you approach a referee or judge or any official, I will fire you that night on the spot. That can never happen here ever again.

White said that he was speaking to Hardy about the incident, but the color commentator’s job is seemingly safe.

White said his warning was meant for all UFC employees and contractors as well. The president said (h/t MMA Junkie): “I’m speaking to [Hardy] right now. I’m speaking to everybody. Don’t ever do it ever again. And if you’re a fighter, and you put your hands on or threaten any official, you will never, ever fight here again. Period.”

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Referee Marc Goddard Was Shoved By a Fighter Multiple Times During UAE Warriors 12

Referee Marc Goddard was pushed several times while refereeing a fight between Ahmad Al Darmaki and Bogdan Kirilenko during UAE Warriors 12 on Friday. Darmaki locked in a rear-naked choke, forcing Kirilenko to tap out, however the fighter did not let go.

Goddard was forced to peel Darmaki off of Kirilenko, sparking a physical altercation between the two — the fighter pushed Goddard multiple times.

During the media event on Friday, White said: “Something went down last night in Abu Dhabi, too, where Goddard got pushed. I want to make this very clear: If you work for me, and you approach a judge or a referee or any type of official, I will fire you. You will lose your job. You will never work for me again if you do that.”

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