The Lions 5 Most Surprising Cuts Before the 2020 Season

David Blough

Getty David Blough reacts during a play vs. the Broncos.

The Detroit Lions completed one of the hardest days on the NFL calendar over the weekend, and now that they have their roster set, it didn’t come without some hard decisions.

Any coach will say cut day is the worst time of year, and across the NFL, there are surprising revelations that happen for every NFL team. The Lions were certainly included in this, and they made plenty of moves which raised some eyebrows.

Here’s a look at the most surprising cuts the team made.

David Blough, QB

Blough was thrust into a tough position late last year and performed remarkably well, and as a result it was a bit surprising to see him go. It seemed possible the Lions could view him as their backup of the future, even if they weren’t willing to commit to him being the only guy during an important 2020 season. Potentially, Blough can stick around with the team in the future if someone doesn’t snap him up. Detroit apparently liked the position versatility so they cut Blough, but he picked up the offense and showed signs of being a player who could stick in the future.

Kenny Wiggins, OL

Detroit signed Wiggins back in the offseason of 2018, and he was a little-known player at that time. He had played with the Los Angeles Chargers, and was mostly a serviceable lineman who could be counted on to do spot duty for the team. In Detroit, Wiggins has been part of the rotation at guard and a player who was chipping in there for the team. When the Lions re-signed Wiggins, it was with the understanding he’d likely have a role this season at guard. When they cut him, the indication likely was that the team loved where the rookies they had drafted were at.

Dee Virgin, CB

Virgin has been all around Detroit’s roster for a few seasons and is a special teams whiz. Perhaps his biggest problem is that he doesn’t play much of a role on defense. Obviously, the Lions wanted to see veterans Daryl Roberts and Tony McRae play that role this season, which made Virgin expendable.

Oday Aboushi, OL

Coming into this season after what he had been able to do, Aboushi was expected to give the Lions another experienced lineman with some versatility. He joined the team last offseason given his familiarity with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and brought some depth with him. Once again, that was going to be his most important role in 2020 until he was released. It’s a surprise to see Aboushi go for much of the same reasons as Wiggins. Either could have contributed this season, but with Detroit’s move to slice both, the rookie could be in prime position for a huge role.

Jason Huntley, RB

Detroit spent a 5th round selection on Huntley last May, and he was impressive during camp in many ways. Huntley isn’t just great at catching the football. He can make plays on special teams as well, perhaps giving him an added edge for the Lions in the future. The team has 4 solid runners on the roster, so it was likely numbers and numbers alone which pushed them to cut Huntley. He has a big time threat of the big play which is what they liked about him coming out of college. Perhaps Ty Johnson is ready to take on a huge role given he can do some of the same things as Huntley can. Still, it was surprising to essentially see the team waste a selection with a cut.

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