UFC Superstar Jon Jones Calls Out Fighter: ‘What’s More Exciting Than That?’

Jon Jones

Getty Jon Jones talks with Joe Rogan after defeating Thiago Santos.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones called out current heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic on Monday for a superfight. Bones, who vacated his title earlier in August to move up to heavyweight, believes that Miocic should defend his title against him next instead of No. 1 ranked Francis Ngannou.

Last week, Miocic expressed interest in wanting a “new challenge” instead of rematching Ngannou who he dominated in January 2018. Ngannou is on a four-fight win streak and is widely considered the next legitimate contender to Miocic’s throne. In an exclusive interview with Heavy’s Kelsey McCarson, Miocic confirmed that he would fight Ngannou next if that’s what the UFC wanted.

Jones feels there’s little upside to Miocic rematching Ngannou. Bones tweeted, “Stipe doesn’t want to fight Francis again because the first fight really wasn’t close.” The former light heavyweight champ continued, “Looking at it from Stipe’s point of view, fighting Francis again is definitely more of a lose situation than a win.”

Bones has a different idea in mind for Miocic. He suggested that the heavyweight champ fights him next instead of Ngannou. Jones tweeted, “Stipe asked for a new challenge, why not fight the light heavyweight goat? Besides we’re way closer in size. What’s more exciting than that?”

The Fight ‘Lines Up Perfectly,’ Jones Says

According to the former light heavyweight king, a potential scrap with Miocic “lines up perfectly.”

Jones wrote, “By the time he heals up my body weight should be right where it needs to be. This fight lines up perfectly.”

Miocic fought a few weeks back on August 15 when he defeated Daniel Cormier by decision and the heavyweight champ is still recovering from the five-round war.

Bones does not want to rush back inside the Octagon. He is currently focusing on bulking up to compete in his new weight class.

Believes the Fight Against Miocic Makes Sense for Both Fighters

To Bones, fighting Miocic next “makes a lot of sense” for both him and Miocic. The match would likely be a blockbuster pay-per-view that would ensure a massive paycheck for both champions. Jones wrote, “Stipe versus Francis is high risk low reward. Stipe versus myself actually makes a lot of sense for both of us. Now you actually have a super fight. Stipe loses the fight is gone.”

There are massive stakes for both competitors as well, namely legacy. If Jones defeated Miocic, he would become one of only a handful of fighters to win a second divisional title in a UFC weight class.

And if Miocic beat Bones, he would become the first fighter to legitimately topple Jones. Bones’ only defeat on his resume is a disqualification loss to Matt Hamill in a fight that he was dominating.

With a victory over Jones and two wins over former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, Miocic would be well-asserted in the conversation for best pound-for-poind fighter ever.

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