Intriguing Message Sent on Alabama QB Target: ‘Must Be Value Many Do Not See’

Getty Bama Hammer's Ronald Evans had an intriguing message on Alabama transfer portal QB target Tyler Buchner

The interest Alabama has registered in Notre Dame transfer portal quarterback Tyler Buchner, who has scheduled an official visit in Tuscaloosa, could be because the former 4-star Class of 2021 recruit has value “many do not see” according to Bama Hammer’s Ronald Evans.

“Unless Tommy Rees is just allowing a courtesy visit as a favor to Buchner, there must be value to Buchner that many of us do not see,” Evans wrote. “It is hard to believe more depth is needed at QB. Unless the Alabama football staff knows one of the Tide’s four guys is about to jump into the Portal.”

Evans worries that Buchner has a lot to risk should he make the move to Tuscaloosa and proceed to lose the quarterback battle and never see the field for the rest of his remaining years of eligibility.

“Even so, Buchner has been a starter and he must be looking to start again,” Evans wrote. “Not only will he not get a guarantee in coming to Tuscaloosa, but he also risks the chance of never seeing the field. There are better options for Buchner. Auburn would be one. Hugh Freeze desperately wants to add a quarterback.”

Alabama Fans Resistant to Idea of Adding Tyler Buchner

As Evans revealed, Alabama fans are not over the moon about the idea of bringing on Buchner to a Crimson Tide quarterback room that already features four scholarship quarterbacks. Still, Evans isn’t overly concerned about their thoughts if it runs in the face of what Nick Saban and Tommy Rees believe — though he does maintain that fans have every right to worry about the repercussions of such a portal addition.

“Many Crimson Tide fans are not taking the news of a Buchner visit well,” Evans prefaced before saying, “Bama Hammer asked in a Twitter poll; yes or no, should Alabama add Buchner? Almost 74% of the responses were ‘No’. Fans don’t get a vote. Only two people do; Tommy Rees and Nick Saban. But fans have a reason to be concerned about the impact of potentially adding Buchner. The big question is how many and which ones of the current QBs would transfer if Buchner joins the Crimson Tide. The window on those decisions is short. The Portal entry window closes after Apr. 30.”

The addition of Buchner would more likely push Jalen Milroe or Ty Simpson out of the room, since Eli Holstein and Dylan Lonergan likely came into the 2023 season with the expectation they wouldn’t play.

Alabama Fans Think Tyler Buchner isn’t Better Than QB Room

While Buchner has more experience starting than everyone in Alabama’s QB room, Evans points out that a portion of Crimson Tide fans believe the incumbent options are superior to the Notre Dame transfer.

“A common opinion on message boards is that Jalen Milroe and Ty Simpson are better than Buchner,” Evans prefaced before saying, “Though mentioned less frequently, some message board comments rate Dylan Lonergan as also better. A portion of Crimson Tide fans are convinced all of Alabama’s current quarterbacks are better than Buchner.”

Buchner has a better rapport with Rees than any other signal-caller, and that could work in his favor should he ever decide to take his talents to Tuscaloosa.