Cardinals’ Kliff Kingsbury Calls Out Ref’s Botched Mistake

Getty Images Coach Kliff Kingsbury looks on during the first quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Arizona Cardinals almost got screwed on their very first possession against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Receiver and punt returner Rondale Moore was about to field the first punt of the game after the Jaguars opening three-and-out. As he was about to catch the football, a nearby official threw a flag on the play for an illegal block on Cardinals’ Antonio Hamilton.

The thrown flag happened to hit the football causing Moore to drop it.

It’s still a little hard to see, but the football seems to be hit as you watch it in slow-motion.

Coach Kliff Kingsbury was asked about the situation on September 27 and let’s just say he was a bit irate about it.

“It looked like the Twilight Zone,” said Kingsbury. “It’s like he had it and all of a sudden he didn’t have it. I didn’t know that occurred. You would think maybe we’d adjust that rule because it seems quite unfair that we would lose the ball if the ref happens to hit it.”

But Kingsbury took it up a notch, saying the ref should be thrown out for such football malpractice.

“I think the ref should probably be ejected at that point. Considering it was probably the first time it’s ever happened in the history of the league, I don’t know if they’ll ever put it up in the owner’s meeting rules proposals but I’d be all for it.

Obviously that’s a bit extreme in the first part. But this situation is something the league should definitely take a look at. Luckily for the Cardinals, they recovered the football and this chaos could’ve escalated even further as a storyline. The Cards still won 31-19 and are now 3-0 to start the season.

Murray Maturity

Kyler Murray’s maturity has really blossomed in his third season. People will always want wins out of teams and the quarterback. Murray’s talent has looked as good as ever in the first three weeks of football which has led to three wins.

But as a third-year player, he understands what Trevor Lawrence is going through. The rookie quarterback struggled throughout the day, throwing for two interceptions and a fumble. Murray had a lot of words of wisdom on the 2021 No. 1 overall pick.

“It is tough. It’s tough. Every Sunday you’re just showing up and trying to find a way,” Murray said. “Finding your own way. Finding the offense’s way. You’re working each and every week trying to figure it out, and I know where he’s at right now. It’s tough. You’re throwing interceptions that you probably shouldn’t throw or wouldn’t throw when you’re comfortable and seeing what you’re seeing. He hasn’t got a lot of reps yet. He’ll be fine. Just like any other young guys, everybody wants to talk about him and gas him up. It takes a while, some longer than others, but he’ll be fine.”

Left tackle D.J. Humphries has sensed Murray’s leadership increasing by the year.

“Kyler has grown as a leader every year. He was a leader last year. He’s a leader this year. Every year it’s progression. Budda (Baker) was a leader last year. He’s a leader this year. Every year it’s progression. I think that’s something that we’re just trying to continue to do. Even with the older guys, like me; like the older guys, we’re still trying to get better every year in the same way. So it’s awesome.”

Forget the stats and the glamour. This year is a special Cardinals team that Murray knows wouldn’t squander like in years past.

“I’m glad we fought through adversity today. I’m frustrated, but as a team, I’ve been here three years now and the last two years, we would have lost that game for sure, and to see us fight through that and come on the road,” said Murray after the game.

Cardinals’ Injury Updates

Kelvin Beachum didn’t play at right tackle against the Jaguars due to a ribs injury. Kingsbury will take his time with him.

Justin Murray got the start at right guard, shifting Josh Jones to right tackle. But Murray left the game with a back injury. Then, Justin Pugh got hurt on the kick-six touchdown by Jamal Agnew with a back injury as well.

While both injuries aren’t considered major, it’s telling that Kingsbury isn’t 100% on their statuses against the Rams. Also, important special-teamer Charles Washington won’t play in Week 4.


There’s still time to get on the right path for the two offensive linemen, but the Cardinals will have to test their offensive line depth just like they have already.

Two backups played a key role in their dominating second half of football.

“Sean Harlow and Max Garcia came in and rolled,” Cardinals left tackle D.J. Humphries said after the game. “Hat’s off to those guys because that’s a tough situation to be put in.”

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