Falcons GM Terry Fontenot Talks Adding a QB

Falcons starting QB Matt Ryan

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons have entered operation re-build mode this offseason and new general manager, Terry Fontenot, isn’t singling out just one position——he plans to add depth everywhere.

The Falcons have several holes to holes to fill yes, but their decisions this offseason will all be geared towards the future of Atlanta. Matt Ryan will be back as the 2021 starting quarterback and Julio Jones will continue to be a number one option until otherwise proven. But that doesn’t mean Atlanta will be ignoring those two positions.

Fontenot joined the Huddle & Flow podcast featuring NFL Network’s Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche where he gave a brief overview of the franchise’s plan this offseason.

“Whether we’re talking about free agency or whether we’re talking about the draft, we are going to add to every position,” Fontenot said. “We’ll build strength. We’re not afraid to build strength. We’re going to add to every position. It’s about adding. We want a culture of competition, and (coach) Arthur Smith has said it: We want to bring in smart, tough, highly competitive football players that are going to fit this culture. And we’re going to do that at every position, whether it’s QB or whether it’s WR.”

 Fontenot Explains the Important of Adding Another QB

Ryan’s is set to ding the Falcons with a $40 million cap hit this year, so trading him or releasing him is out of the picture, at least until 2022.

With a 2021 draft class filled with top quarterback prospects, the best thing for Atlanta to do is draft one to sit and grow behind Matt Ryan.

“You look at (former Packers GM) Ron Wolf”, Fontenot began to explain. “You always bring in quarterbacks. You need to bring in quarterbacks, whether it’s in the draft, whether it’s in free agency, or signing guys off the street. It’s so important, bring in quarterbacks a lot, build strengths. (Former Ravens GM) Ozzie Newsome, bring in the best players available. These are men that have had all that success, and it’s about having the right 53, but we have to add competition at every position. So we’re not going to be afraid to add to strengths. But both (Ryan and Julio Jones) are really good and I’m excited to be here with those players.”

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No. 4 Overall is an Interesting Pick for Atlanta

With Fontenot eyeing the best available and Matt Ryan expected to start at QB next season, the Falcons No. 4 overall pick is interesting.

At 35 years old, Ryan has earned four Pro Bowls, an NFL MVP, and remains at the top of the league for best passer rating. While his progress has gone down in recent years. as far as playoff appearances go, he’s no the biggest problem the Falcons will need to address.

This means they don’t really “need” to draft a quarterback right off the bat like almost every mock draft has them doing. They could use the pick on adding depth to their offensive line, which lacked last season or a strong edge.

With plenty of quality QBs left on the board in the second round, the Falcons would be in very good shape drafting a game-changing need first.

Other needs they’ll need to address are at cornerback, safety, running back, and wide receiver.

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