NFL Twitter Calls for Falcons to Fire Dirk Koetter


Getty Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

On Sunday Week 11, the Falcons had their worst performance of the season against the New Orlean Saints. While the media took to blaming Matt Ryan and the absence of Julio Jones, NFL Twitter kept it real and looked to Falcons’ offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter, to blame.

There’s not a lot of reasons why Koetter should have his job with Atlanta still and several others can vouch.

After, yet, another embarrassing loss, Falcons coach Raheem Morris gave a lot of credit to the Saints slowing down the Falcons offense and had nothing to say on Koetter even attempting to fix the holes on offense. It’s obvious his entire game plan revolves around Ryan and Jones, which is why the Falcons looked extra ugly once Jones got hurt.

What NFL Twitter Had To Say

For starts, Koetter lets Matt Ryan get hit, a lot.

Others think he’s a waste of space and money.

And maybe Atlanta should leave it to Matt Ryan to do the kicking.

Either way, the Falcons are waiting way too long to make some necessary changes.

Was it really Matt Ryan’s fault?

Yeah, tough being a Falcons fan.

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A Closer Look at Dirk Koetter’s Offense

Under Dirk Koetter for the second year, the Falcons are averaging 381 total yards a game which should be more considering the talent they have.

Out of the 10 games, they have played this season, the Falcons have only exceeded that average in just four outings. In the other six, the Falcons have looked miserable.

It’s clear that Koetter won’t have a seat come 2021, but the sooner, the better. There is plenty of talent the Falcons haven’t used enough this season because Koetter’s play-calling is very vanilla and feels like it consists of just 5 players.

While Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones, and Todd Gurley are elite, there’s a lot of talent yet to be seen by Olamide Zaccheaus, Russell Gage, Brandon Powell, Ito Smith, and Brian Hill.

Morris should know better. These players can only get better if chances are given to them and they deserve better.

What Koetter Said After The Game

Koetter spoke to the media the Monday after to discuss Week 11’s performance.

Below are some quotes from his responses.

-“The whole second half I felt we were too one-dimensional but once you get behind, its hard and we couldn’t get anything going”

On Matt Ryan getting sacked:

– “Most people are going to look at it and think it was all on the O-line, it really wasn’t. There were some coverage sacks, in there for sure and we didn’t get anyone open and Matt had nowhere to go. There was a couple of times we did have someone open and Matt couldn’t find them.”

On Matt Ryan worse pass completion:

– “First time in a long time our pass game couldn’t bail us out. We couldn’t get anything going. The [play action] passes weren’t there, the quick game isn’t working, the keepers, the bootleg game wasn’t working.”

On why Falcons couldn’t get the offense going:

-“We had two screens and we messed them both up. We had two draws for no gain. I guess those didn’t work too well either. We really didn’t have much going our way to be truthful.”

On the Raiders’ defense:

-“They are a zone-orientated four down front team. They started the season giving up a lot of yards rushing, but the last month of the season they are playing much faster on defense.”

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