Falcons Fans React to Deshaun Watson’s Rumored Suspension

deshaun watson

Getty Deshaun Watson is rumored to receive a 4 to 6 game suspension.

After Deshaun Watson wrapped up his disciplinary hearing weeks ago, NFL fans, analysts and reporters everywhere now await to hear Judge Sue Robinson’s final decision, but it could take some time.

“Post-hearing briefs are due ‘soon’ this week in the Deshaun Watson proceeding. This morning, a league source said this on the timeline for a result. ‘We’re still looking at a few weeks before we get a decision. It may or may not be before camp. Sue Robinson will take her time.,'” Josina Anderson tweeted on Tuesday, July 11.

However, ESPN and Cleveland insider, Tony Rizzo, has heard from “reliable sources” that Watson will get a four-to-six-game suspension.

If that is true, then that suspension is not long enough, according to Atlanta Falcons fans.


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Falcons Fan React to Watson’s Rumored Suspension

On Monday, March 7, the NFL suspended Falcons’ wide receiver Calvin Ridley, for at least a year, after an investigation found that he had been gambling on games.

The league stated that the bets took place during a five-day period in November 2021, after he had announced his decision to step away from football for his mental well-being on October 31.

NFL fans and Ridley himself believed his suspension was too harsh in comparison to other NFL players who were involved in domestic violence or sexual allegations and received a lesser punishment.

With Watson’s rumored suspension trending on Twitter, some of those same Ridley fans are sharing their thoughts once again:

Rich Eisen Reacts to Watson’s Latest Accusation

Watson initially requested a trade out of Houston last year but ended up not playing at all amid 22 civil lawsuits and 10 criminal complaints by women alleging sexual assault and misconduct.

A grand jury determined on Friday, March 11 that it would not indict Waston on criminal charges, however, civil lawsuits were still pending.

“I’m just going to keep fighting to rebuild my name and rebuild my appearance in the community, Watson said following the jury’s decision, via ESPN. “And on the legal side handle what we need to handle. But also ready to get on the field, and prep for that.”

Afterward, two other women filed lawsuits against Watson with the 23rd coming forward on May 31 and the 24th on June 6.

“It’s disgusting. What he’s being accused of is so vile and disgusting that I cannot mention here, Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen Show following the latest accusation on June 6. “And if it’s true, the elite must act and it’s gotta act considerably.”

In the latest case, per the lawsuit [via ESPN], the plaintiff massaged Watson twice. The lawsuit says that during the first session, “Watson had to leave abruptly after taking a phone call.” The lawsuit then says that Watson scheduled a second massage just a few days later where the woman claims that Watson exposed himself and masturbated and “offered no apology or explanation for his conduct.”

On June 21, Watson settled 20 of the 24 active civil lawsuits.

The four still pending are the cases with said “enough evidence” to help Judge Sue Robinson and league commissioner Rodger Goodell make their decision on Watson’s suspension.

As for Ridley, a guy who threw some money on his own team, he will still sit a year.


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John Borges
John Borges
1 month ago

Well if Watson is only going to get suspended 4-6 games then it should be 4-6 games per woman he is accused of harassing

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