More Ravens Figure To Land on COVID-19 Reserve List Soon

Marlon Humphrey

Getty Marlon Humphrey during a Ravens-Eagles game.

The Baltimore Ravens had a player test positive for COVID-19 yesterday, so now the focus turns to the health of the rest of their roster in the coming days.

So far, the Ravens have been lucky only to have one positive result in the form of defensive back Marlon Humphrey. In the coming days that could change though, with the revelation that at least 6 folks who had close contact with Humphrey will have to be watched in the coming days for symptoms and positive test results.

As Jeff Zrebiec points out, should everything check out with those folks, the players could be cleared in time to play Sunday’s game. While the news has started good this week with regard to the Ravens and their test results, it doesn’t mean that will remain the case. Often, it takes a number of days to register a positive result so watching and waiting is the only thing that the team can do.

What this will do to the team’s upcoming game against the Indianapolis Colts is anyone’s guess, but it could force it to be delayed, something that would be troubling given the schedule at this point in time.

More Ravens Will Hit COVID-19 List

As a result of this news, it’s been said that the Ravens are likely to have more players hit the COVID-19 reserve list in the coming days. NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo also reported that more Ravens will be heading on the list very soon.

Garafolo said:

“You’re going to see multiple Ravens go on the COVID-19 reserve today. We’ll see how many Ravens it winds up being, I gather it’s at least a couple we’re talking about here, so those guys likely to be out of practice this week. But if all goes well the hope is they are ready to go, cleared and tested negative in time for Sunday’s game.”

Obviously that is the hopeful scenario for the team no matter who the players are, but it’s something that fans should be bracing for nonetheless.

Marlon Humphrey Revealed Positive Test Monday

Early on Monday morning, Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey revealed on Twitter that he has tested positive for COVID-19. Humphrey confirmed the news with a post which at the time read “I got the Rona, hopefully I’ll be back healthy soon.”

Humphrey played in the game registering 2 tackles, which was a very low statistical impact for him based on the role he has played in recent weeks on the field. Humphrey has been all over the place for the Ravens most of this season.

A few months back, the Ravens signed Humphrey to a big contract extension. Now, he has had a health misfortune befall him much in the same way that Ronnie Stanley did on Sunday afternoon when he was lost to injury during a key game. Stanley was injured and lost for the year, and the hope is that after getting better, Humphrey will only be lost for a matter of weeks.

What this means for the rest of the Ravens team is unknown, but it’s clear that the league will have to watch the Ravens closely now given the fact that Humphrey is positive and others were clearly exposed to him.

The hope is the Ravens can keep everyone healthy and their COVID-19 list low in the coming days even as it figures to gain members.

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