‘A Scary Thing:’ Analyst Hits Ravens Look Like Themselves Again

Marquise Brown Lamar Jackson

Getty Marquise Brown hugs with Lamar Jackson after a score against Dallas.

The Baltimore Ravens won going away in familiar dominant fashion against the Dallas Cowboys, and the victory was a win which helped re-enforce the fact that the former Super Bowl favorites could be coming back to life.

While some might have written the Ravens off, that could be a bit premature which is very bad news for the rest of the NFL. On Good Morning Football, the hosts were discussing Baltimore’s big win over the Cowboys, and the way it looked like some of the team’s bigger wins during the 2019 year. As it relates to the NFL, that could be bad news if the Ravens are indeed back on track.

Host Kyle Brandt explained that seeing a familiar attack come back up in Baltimore is very bad news for the rest of the league and the AFC.

Brandt said:

“I hate seeing this if I’m the Browns, the Dolphins, the Colts, the Steelers. You don’t want this. No. Stay asleep. Stay off the field. Don’t start running the ball. Don’t get Lamar (Jackson) going. Don’t let the party start for Baltimore. They got a lot of work to do. But this is a scary thing. There’s been something missing. The mentality of the team, and I don’t like that if I’m the AFC.”

Brandt’s point is a good one in that the Ravens suddenly came together and looked better in doing so. Not only did they put things together on the field, but they did as a team as well which was very nice to see.

There’s still a long way to go before the AFC could be proclaimed as in trouble, but the Ravens getting back to their roots is a good thing as it relates to their short term playoff aspirations and drive for the postseason.

Ravens Offense Showed Promising Signs

It’s safe to say the Baltimore defense has played decently well this season given their status as a top 10 unit in the league at this point in the season. Where Baltimore needs to get back to work is on offense. This season, the Ravens aren’t scoring nearly enough and could use their passing game to get back on track with Lamar Jackson. Baltimore’s offense has been in the bottom half of the league in multiple categories this year, but theoretically, the chance for them to get healthy starts right now with the schedule and they proved it.

The offense rushed for 294 yards in a dominating effort against Dallas, and threw the ball when they needed to. That sudden balance is very impressive for the team and could be a reason the Ravens get things turned around..

Ravens Alive Within AFC Playoff Race

With the win over the Cowboys in their back pocket and the Ravens sitting at 7-5, the team has more than a bit of life heading into Week 14. The schedule lightens up with the Jaguars, Giants and Bengals down the stretch even as the Ravens will play the Browns on Monday night, but nothing is guaranteed and they also have to compete with the likes of the Raiders, Dolphins and Colts for positioning in the postseason race. Baltimore does have wins against Indianapolis and Cleveland in its back pocket already, but will need to go on a run to get back in the conversation at all in he next few weeks.

It’s likely the Ravens will have to go 4-0 to have a good feeling about their standing, but that’s more than possible given what lies in front of the team moving forward and what the team has already done in getting back to their roots with a big beating of the Cowboys this week.

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