Ravens Not Satisfied With Less Than Perfection After Win

Jihad Ward

Getty Jihad Ward sacks Carson Wentz.

The Baltimore Ravens survived another scare after being in control of a game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and in spite of the fact that the team won and is now 5-1, improvement remains the name of the game.

The Ravens were nowhere near good enough to feel excellent about their big win, and that’s just what DeShon Elliott said following the game. As he explained, plenty of teams in the NFL might be fired up to be 5-1 and have a winning record, but that’s not the Ravens as they are a team that expects greatness on the field.

Here’s what he said:

This type of approach is just what the Ravens want to hear and want to see after they won a game which was much closer than advertised. The Ravens need to keep their eye on the prize, and being average or just good enough to survive isn’t going to get them where they want to go the rest of the year.

It will be interesting to see where the Ravens go the rest of the way, but it’s clear heading into the bye week that the team knows and is fully aware of what they have to do and how they have to be if they want to have more success this season come the playoffs.

Certainly, it’s nice to see the players remaining accountable and taking the accountability for their struggles.

Ravens 2020 Season

So far this season, it’s been an ebb and flow for the Ravens, who have won way more games than they have lost but still remain a team in flux and in progress as they progress to the second half. Defensively, there’s been times when the Ravens look elite. Offensively, the same is true. The trouble is, there’s been just as many periodic lapses from both sides of the ball this season. Along the offensive side, protection has been an issue as has been finishing drives and getting into the end zone consistently. Defensively, every once in a while, the Ravens cannot maintain their consistency and will fall victim to lapses late in games. That’s what happened on Sunday against the Eagles.

Even in spite of these challenges, the Ravens are 5-1 and that cannot be discounted. There’s enough to build on that the team will be alright moving forward and could also be in elite standing eventually.

Ravens Inconsistencies Might Be Good

So far this season, the Ravens haven’t blown through 2020 as many expected. Interestingly, though, that might be just the right position for the team to be in. The last few years, the Ravens have been assumed to be in the driver’s seat after blowing through the regular season. Perhaps the team struggling now to be consistent and yet still being 5-1 is good news for them moving forward.

The Ravens can build up a quiet hunger and might fly under the radar this season. It could be a silver lining for some of their early struggles that might pay off in the end.

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