‘Win With Class:’ Ravens Legend Blasts Team for Celebration

Ed Reed

Getty Ed Reed watching a Ravens game in 2019.

The Baltimore Ravens made a huge statement with a dominating win over the Tennessee Titans, and made even more headlines for their actions after the game.

Baltimore stormed the middle of the field after a late interception and kicked off a celebration on the Tennessee logo while waiving to the Titans’ sideline. After that, quarterback Lamar Jackson admitted he didn’t shake hands with the Titans because he didn’t have a reason to.

All’s fair in love and war, but that is not what Ravens legend and Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed thinks. According to Reed, the Ravens need to win with class, something he implored them to do on Twitter following the 20-13 win on the road Sunday.

Reed also said that “two wrongs don’t make a right” on Twitter, and admitted that from where he stood, the best thing for the team to be doing would be moving on and focusing on the next game.

Now that the game has been won, the Ravens are likely to move on, but that doesn’t change the fact that Reed would likely say he wanted his team to act like they’ve been there before in the process.

Ravens Celebrations Drew Ed Reed’s Ire

Obviously, the Ravens were fired up after the final interception of the game and were more than pleased to be the one handing the Titans their final loss of the season on home field, hence the logo celebration and some of the other antics. Folks like Reed are entitled to their opinion, but the fact is, the win was payback from last year when the Titans dominated Baltimore at home, and also payback from earlier this season when it happened again. Before that game, the Titans made a big deal at the middle of Baltimore’s home field. The Ravens were unhappy, and used the act as motivation for this game in a big way. As a result, it wasn’t a surprise at all to see them act a bit out of character after a huge win.

Some might call the act poor sportsmanship, but others might say it was just desserts after the way the Titans acted just a few months ago. What goes around often comes around in the NFL, and this was clearly the case. Reed might know that more than anybody given all the battles he saw in Baltimore through the years.

Ed Reed Career Statistics

During his career with Baltimore, Reed was simply one of the best defenders in the entire league regularly. He put up 9 Pro Bowls, was a 6 time All-Pro and a Super Bowl champion. Reed put up 643 tackles, 64 interceptions and 9 defensive touchdowns. Nearly immediately upon his retirement, Reed was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which was a fitting tribute for how well his career went in the league. Upon retirement, Reed has been hired as the University of Miami football’s Chief of Staff, but he never shies away from watching his beloved former NFL team or sharing takes on them on Twitter, as this weekend proved.

Regardless of Reed’s take, it’s clear he’s still proud of the Ravens for coming out with the victory this week and moving on.

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