‘I’m Amazed:’ John Harbaugh Wowed by Lamar Jackson Play [WATCH]

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson during a game with the Ravens vs. the Bengals.

The Baltimore Ravens have a special relationship between their coach and quarterback, and once again this weekend, that was shown to be the case.

Amid the Ravens blowing out the Cincinnati Bengals, Lamar Jackson made John Harbaugh proud once again. Facing a tough situation on 3rd down, Jackson fired a pass into the end zone for Mark Andrews and the score. It was an amazing play, and one that was made possible thanks to the poise of Jackson.

Afterward, his coach seemed just as wowed in the end as any of the fans were with the amazing way the quarterback pulled everything off.

Harbaugh said:

“I just gotta complement ya. I don’t know how you are so poised with everything. The clock, the play, lateness, lining up having to set this. I mean, I’m amazed. Great job.”

Safe to say that Jackson has been wowing his coach for a long time, and it’s neat to see the interaction during the game and how Harbaugh continues to be impressed by Jackson. To that end, the coach is just like a fan and always excited to see what his quarterback is going to do next to impress him in a big way.

On a day where there wasn’t much offense from the Ravens, the team still found a way to impress their coach on that side of the ball. If and when they completely get going, it will be a scary sight for the rest of the league.

Lamar Jackson Teases John Harbaugh on Birthday

A few weeks back, a celebration was in order for Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh. Harbaugh was having his 58th birthday this week, and Lamar Jackson took the opportunity to wear a shirt which celebrated the occasion, but perhaps not in the way Harbaugh would have wanted.

Here’s a hilarious look:

Obviously, the unflattering photo is sure to get a laugh from everyone on the team not named Harbaugh, although the coach himself does have a great sense of humor, so he’s likely to have a laugh about this as well no matter how much of a fight he might put up.

John Harbaugh Praises Lamar Jackson’s 2020 Focus

Last season, the quarterback was elite and in a class of his own as the best player in the league. But that was then and this is now, and Jackson has some new goals for the coming year. Tops amongst them is winning a Super Bowl. Jackson’s coach John Harbaugh has been impressed with how his mind is working heading into this season.

As he explained in a recent press conference, Jackson has been leading by example and is locked in on his goals for this year.

Harbaugh said:

“He’s very motivated, he’s very determined. He’s worked really hard. He’s really a realist. He really understands what’s required and what he needs to do to take his game to the level that brings our team to a championship. That’s what he wants to do. That’s his whole focus.”

Jackson really wants to win and win big, which his coach loves. That’s likely to be the case even if he doesn’t love his choice in wardrobe whatsoever.

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