Ravens’ John Harbaugh Ditches Mask To Scream at Refs [WATCH]

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh during the Ravens Monday Night Football game.

The Baltimore Ravens had more lowlights than highlights during an ugly 34-20 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and John Harbaugh is coming under fire for ditching his mask during the game.

Harbaugh, who’s been a diligent mask wearer early on this season, was spotted by cameras stripping the mask to scream at officials during the early portion of the game after a call.

Here’s a look at how it played out:

Naturally, the move drew a swift and stern reaction from folks on the internet, who immediately called for the Ravens coach to be fined as a result of this. To be sure, the optics weren’t good considering the league is coming down on coaches not wearing masks on the sidelines so far this season.

Will Harbaugh draw a fine and how substantial will it be? One could certainly assume the league will come down on the coach for losing the mask and not maintaining social distance from the referee. If for no other reason, this is likely to happen thanks to the current conversation going on within the league, country and world.

Devin Duvernay Delivered Ravens’ Lone Huge Play

Harbaugh was right to be upset most of the night. Only one thing really went right for his squad, Following a Kansas City touchdown drive, rookie wide receiver Devin Duvernay took the kickoff an explosive 93 yards to the house for the score. He found a seam, found the sideline and was gone in a flash. It was the biggest play thus far in the youngster’s career, and it let to an early 13-3 deficit being cut to 13-10.

Here’s a look:

Getting a special teams score is just what the Ravens needed considering they were slowed by Kansas City early on in the game.

Duvernay was a big play machine at Texas and has all the tools to be one of the most underrated yet impressive wideouts in the league. Duvernay showed up well during the Senior Bowl and his solid pre-draft work was enough to get him noticed by the Ravens. They were very interested in what he does as a speed option, as he was perhaps one of the best impact makers that could have been had later on in the draft in 2020.

Duvernay’s production at Texas, which included 2,468 yards and 16 scores, was good enough to make him one of the best wideouts in the Big 12, so betting against him making a quick impact in the NFL would be foolish.

While he hasn’t had a huge start to his NFL career, this is certainly his most impactful moment thus far.

John Harbaugh’s Ravens Tenure

Harbaugh has been a great coach during his tenure with the Ravens. Even in spite of the playoff trouble this season, Harbaugh is 128-81 in his NFL career, and has one Lombardi Trophy to his credit. He’s also gone 10-7 in the postseason during his career.

The Ravens have been better off for having Harbaugh as their coach through the years, and that doesn’t change as a result of a bad loss or a mistake. Hopefully, whatever happens, Harbaugh learns and the Ravens bounce back in Week 4.

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