Ravens’ Coach Fired up for Titans Rematch: ‘This Year’s Different’

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh runs off the field.

The Baltimore Ravens are preparing for a big matchup against the Tennessee Titans, and last year, the Titans managed to dominate the matchup head-to-head.

2021, however, is much different for the Ravens. The team could be able to turn things around in a big way, and get a chance at a turnaround in the matchup. This time, the Ravens could be ready to turn over a new leaf and get ready for the big matchup.

According to Mike Silver of the NFL Network, the Ravens are ready to go for this matchup, and think that this time can be different thanks to all that has happened recently

According to Silver, Harbaugh said:

“He said ‘look, we just didn’t play well in that game and credit to the Titans for playing well, but this year’s different.’ He said ‘I don’t know if it’s better or worse, but this year’s different. The resiliency, the faith, the adversity we’ve gone through really forged this team together.’ He said ‘the race doesn’t always go to the swift, it goes to the persistent and these guys have been persistent. He talked about that game in Pittsburgh where the COVID-laden Ravens fell to 6-5, and he said we’re probably going to win four out of our last five games. Joe Cullen interrupted and said we’re probably going to have to win all five.’ Last year they were blowing teams out, they were front runners. They got behind against Tennessee and could never recover. This year, they’ve shown some grit. They’ve come from behind. They had the ultra-dramatic moment in Cleveland when Lamar Jackson came out of the tunnel and threw that touchdown pass on fourth down and they’ve been rolling ever since.”

It’s clear that the Ravens are in the right place mentally for this game, and they sound more prepared to deal with what the Titans bring to the table this time around. If that is indeed the case, the team will be in much better shape moving forward and more primed to be able to do some damage rather than being surprised by the team as they were in the past.

What Went Wrong for Ravens vs. Titans

It’s not a stretch to say that the Ravens were less physical in both of their recent defeats to Tennessee. In this season’s matchup, the Titans rushed for 173 yards. In the playoffs, the total was 217 yards. Obviously, Derrick Henry has been a big part of the mix for the team in terms of the domination. On defense, the Ravens will have to be much tougher in the trenches and find a way to hold even in terms of the ground game. If they cannot man up in the trenches while showing their own physicality on offense, it could be another long day for the Ravens.

Ravens-Titans a Key Rematch

If the Ravens are extra motivated for this game, the reasoning has everything to do with last season and earlier this season and the results of those games. Last year, the Ravens were punched in the face repeatedly in the biggest upset of the playoffs when the Titans came to town and won in the divisional round. Baltimore had a shot at a rematch this season, but lost 30-24 in overtime after blowing an early 21-13 lead in the game. In both games, the Titans have been way more physical, which raises alarm bells for the Ravens, who thrive on physicality.

This time, the Ravens have to step up and find a way to put together a solid effort for a win. Their coach clearly believes the time is right for them to get this done this time around and they will be successful at winning the matchup.

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