Ravens General Manager Has Positive Update on Lamar Jackson Contract

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson excited during a win over Jacksonville.

It was recently revealed that the Baltimore Ravens had not talked about a new contract for Lamar Jackson, but since, things have progressed a little bit on that front.

According to Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta, the team has spoken with Jackson about what the extension process will look like and they are confident about getting a new deal done in the future. They’ve spoken and the dialogue is at least open between the parties.

DeCosta said:

“I think from our perspective it hasn’t changed from what I said post-season, which is Lamar is a really important part of the team. He’s a leader, he’s an outstanding player, he’s a foundational type of guy for this organization. I really think he loves the organization, I think he’s appreciative of the organization and our stance in different things. We’re confident and committed to getting a long-term deal done at some point in the near future. It may take a little time, but we’re willing to try.

As for what a new deal with Jackson could look like, that’s anybody’s guess. Dak Prescott arguably just re-set the market with his mega-deal, but DeCosta admitted that deal might not play a role in the team’s thinking in terms of what they want to do with Jackson.

A deal seems to be no closer than it was recently, but at the very least, the sides have spoken and there is open communication. That’s positive news to remember.

Nate Burleson: Ravens Should Move on Lamar Jackson Extension

Should the Ravens make a fast move to lock up Jackson? In the days ahead,, that’s exactly what the team should be doing according to several in the national media. After reports surfaced that the sides have not yet talked about a contract, Good Morning Football took to the airwaves to debate whether or not the Ravens should get a deal done with Jackson soon or simply wait.

The answer from Nate Burleson? Get a deal done quickly with one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Burleson said:

“Sign him to a long-term deal. Lamar Jackson should be the second highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. He was a unanimous MVP. He is a fantastic football player. Even last year with everything the Ravens had to go through with COVID and guys being out. He started to pick it up at the end of the season and reminded us how good he is. Where is this narrative that Lamar Jackson can’t throw the ball? I don’t get it. I think we are so caught up with how great he is when he leaves the pocket that we don’t respect h is one of the best passers in the NFL. Pay him now, because he still is the unanimous MVP from a season ago.”

Obviously, Jackson is a key player for the Ravens, and the point is a smart one by Burleson. Wrapping up a deal with the quarterback would be savvy given what he had done in his career to this point in time.

Ravens’ Eric DeCosta Wants to Keep Lamar Jackson

Despite the facts that talks have not started yet, it doesn’t seem as if the Ravens would do anything other than bring Jackson back, and that looks to be the route that is going to play out this offseason. Speaking to reporters in his season-ending breakdown, general manager Eric DeCosta was asked about the potential for a deal and said that it is something he is focusing on for the coming days and weeks.

DeCosta said:

“I will be talking to Lamar probably within the next 10 days or so, he’s down in Florida, but we’ve got a great relationship. He’s got a great relationship with this organization. He’s a very easy person to talk to and certainly deserves a contract. He has played phenomenal football both of the last couple years and our intention and my intention is to keep him in Baltimore for many, many years.”

A deal coming this offseason would certainly be significant for the Ravens, because the team needs to find a way to keep the quarterback in the fold. Jackson has become a revelation at the position, and while he has had some troubles with health and consistency this season, he’s certainly a quarterback worth a team hitching their wagon to.

DeCosta still looks committed to doing that more than a few months later.

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