Lamar Jackson Hilariously Clears the Air on Cramp Controversy

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson and the Ravens against the Browns.

Lamar Jackson led a heroic comeback late in the game for the Baltimore Ravens, but for much of the fourth quarter, the quarterback was nowhere to be found.

Jackson went into the locker room and had cramps which lasted right until the moment he came in at the two minute warning and fired a late touchdown pass to pull the Ravens ahead. He then led the Ravens down the field again and set the team up for the eventual game winning 55 yard field goal.

With the way Jackson ran into the locker room, it certainly didn’t look as if he had cramps. Many felt as if Jackson had an emergency of another kind. It quickly became an urban legend on the internet.

Too bad, however, that the truth will get in the way. As Jackson confirmed after the game, he was simply getting IV’s for his cramps. Jackson even hopped on Twitter to give his take on what happened, saying he wasn’t doing what everyone thinks he was.

Regardless of what happened to Jackson, his abrupt departure and subsequent return will now go down in history considering the exciting win the Ravens were able to capture as a result. As he said after the fact, it was a simple case of cramping due to the cold being treated

Internet Reacts to Lamar Jackson’s Cramps

Naturally, the internet had jokes after Jackson left the game and came back, and even though he’s confirmed he wasn’t going to the bathroom, that isn’t going to stop the jokes from taking on a life of themselves. There were so many funny jokes to choose from, and it’s clear some folks just won’t be convinced that he wasn’t doing something else entirely.

Clearly, Jackson is going to be living with this new legend for a while considering the epic way in which the game ended and how everything played out.

Lamar Jackson’s Huge Touchdown Pass

Early against the Cleveland Browns, Jackson used his legs to run all over the defense. With 124 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns early in the third quarter, Jackson already had the record for rushing on Monday Night Football. His legend grew in a big way in the fourth, however.

While cramps were overtaking his body, the Ravens were falling behind and looking in danger of losing a vital game. An injury to Trace McSorley helped buy Jackson some time, and he was able to come back just in time to fire a touchdown pass to reclaim the lead.

Cleveland tied the game, but Jackson methodically led Baltimore back down the field for the game winning 55 yard field goal. A safety was the cherry on top, and the Ravens ran off with a significant and thrilling 47-42 win.

Considering everything, this was perhaps Jackson’s signature moment in the NFL. Against all odds on a night when he was clearly feeling it in a season where his offense just hasn’t clicked consistently, the quarterback rallied his team for a clutch win they needed badly.

Whatever he overcame, he did it just in time in order to have his signature moment in the league.

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