‘That’s My Brother:’ Lamar Jackson Slams Matt Skura’s Internet Bullies

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson before Patriots vs. Ravens.

Win or lose, the Baltimore Ravens consistently have one of the tightest brotherhoods in the entire NFL and that was once again on display this week.

In spite of a frustrating loss on the road against New England and all the headlines it has made, the team has stuck together and may have even been galvanized a bit more by the events of the week. First, the team lost Nick Boyle, a player who was part of their heart and soul on offense. Then, they watched as center Matt Skura’s family was abused on the internet by fans upset with his play.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson is here to say none of that should stand. Speaking on Wednesday with the media, Jackson stood up for Skura with a powerful statement of his own, not only taking his own ownership for the loss but defending his teammate and putting his trolls in their proper place.

Jackson said:

“It happened to everyone. Some of the fans are not out there, or none of them are out there doing what we are doing. (Matt) Skura has a lot to do out there. He’s got to make checks for the line, he’s got a lot to do. So there’s a lot that goes on, and people shouldn’t mess with his family I don’t think at all. That’s a human being at the end of the day. That’s my teammate. That’s my brother. It’s just B.S.”

Jackson is right to defend his center and instruct the angry internet trolls to leave Skura’s family out of it. There’s no place for internet harassment all due to the outcome of a game, and that’s especially true as it relates to family members who have nothing to do with what happens on the field.

Lamar Jackson’s Leadership

Once again, this is another show of Jackson and his great leadership skills of the Ravens. Knock him for his up and down 2020 season statistically, but there’s no way that Jackson isn’t simply one of the best people to lead the team through the ups and downs of a season. It’s clear Jackson has Skura’s back in a big way and that is something that will likely resonate in a big way within a tight locker room.

Teams can say they’re a brotherhood, but things like this go a long way toward proving it and making it stick for a locker room.

Matt Skura’ Response to Internet Trolls

Skura’s snaps were less than perfect during the rainy loss to the Patriots, and it’s something he admitted to after the fact. Even such, some fans decided to cross a line and hammer Skura’s family in his mentions despite the fact they had nothing to do with his play. It’s something he was compelled to respond to after the fact.

With a post Monday, Skura took ownership for his own mistakes and thanked fans for support, but also called out those who he felt crossed a line for their comments.

It’s refreshing to see an athlete respond after such attacks. Skura may have had a tough game, but in the driving rain, it would be hard for anyone to snap a ball consistently. Even such, Skura apologized for his play and admitted he wants to be better. As a fan, that’s all anyone should hope for after such a moment.

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