‘We’re Gonna Keep Playing Ball:’ Lamar Jackson Moves Past Ravens Loss

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson runs away from the Chiefs.

The Baltimore Ravens suffered a tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, but star quarterback Lamar Jackson has already moved on in a big way.

Jackson didn’t have a great game against the Chiefs and that’s led to the usual share of outside criticism swirling. Never mind that to Jackson, who spoke to the media on Wednesday and explained that he isn’t paying any attention to the outside noise and is simply focused on Washington next.

Jackson said:

“We hate the outcome of the game, but there’s a lot of football left this season. We can’t dwell on it, got to move forward and focus on Washington now.”

When asked about the notion of any criticism, Jackson similarly brushed it off.

“That’s how it’s going to be. When you win, they’re going to praise you. It doesn’t really matter, we’re going to keep playing ball.”

Playing ball will be the only thing that pulls the Ravens out of the frustration of losing, and in this case, a quick turnaround could help Baltimore in a major way. They won’t have to stew on the result long, and with Jackson already turning his focus to Washington, it’s clear the team has moved on already.

Skip Bayless Not Betting Against Lamar Jackson

Interestingly, noted Fox Sports host Skip Bayless, who is known for his knee-jerk takes in the heat of the moment, is taking a longer approach when looking closer at the future of Lamar Jackson.

Even though Jackson is now 0-3 against Patrick Mahomes in his young career, there was no jovial celebration by Bayless, nor was there an admission of ‘I told you so.’ Rather, Bayless proclaimed that Jackson has much to prove moving forward in his career, but added that he would not bet against him doing so.

Bayless is not wrong with this particular take. Jackson does have much to prove moving forward, and until he wins a major showdown game or a playoff game, these worries are going to linger in a big way. Still, time is certainly on the 23 year old’s side and Bayless himself seems to understand that.

In this case, his words should serve as a warning to anyone who has given up on Jackson. Do so at your own peril considering his talent level and what he can still accomplish.

Bayless might be the king of the hot take, but even he is smart enough to recognize that Jackson is a world class talent. His mindset after a loss only proves it more.

Analyst Wouldn’t Mind Ravens-Chiefs Rematch

Monday night’s battle wasn’t especially close for most of the evening, but the Ravens did forge a comeback to make it interesting in the second half. As a result, NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport tweeted in the aftermath that he wouldn’t mind another rematch of the teams down the road.

Another team that probably wouldn’t mind a rematch? The Chiefs, considering how they have dominated head to head lately. Even though they are 0-3 in the last few seasons, the Ravens themselves would probably be rooting for another encounter. In order to truthfully get over the hump and accomplish their goals, they will have to see the Chiefs again.

There’s now a long way to go before another potential encounter happens, but everyone will keep the hope alive for a rematch of these talented teams in the months ahead.

Both might simply be the best the NFL has to offer at this point in time, and Jackson could be motivated enough to have a huge bounce back.

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