Lamar Jackson Makes Frustrating Claim About Ravens’ 2020 Offense

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson sacked by the Colts in 2020.

The Baltimore Ravens haven’t had an easy time of things in 2020 on the offensive side of the ball, and Lamar Jackson might have an idea why that’s the case.

As Jackson admitted, the team’s offense has run hot and cold so far this season, but the reasoning for that might have everything to do with the fact that the opposition has a better idea of what’s coming this season than in other years past.

Jackson joined The Rich Eisen Show and explained that he feels as if folks have a bead on what’s coming this season, so much so they are calling out plays or citing what to look out for before the plays officially come to fruition.

Jackson said:

“We had our ups the first week, and then we had our downs. We still have a high-level offense. But it’s been alright. It’s not what we want to be, but we’re winning. It’s alright I guess. I feel it’s a lot with schemes. We’re going against defenses, they’re calling out our plays, stuff like that. Like they know what we’re doing, so a lot of that. Sometimes, stuff won’t go our way. They’re beating us to the punch. Sometimes that’s what’s going on.”

To combat this, Jackson suggests the team tries to regroup at halftime with the coaching staff in order to figure a way around it. So far this season, answers have been hard to come by for the Ravens on offense, and the team has struggled as a whole. It could be due to the fact that thus far, the opposition has understood what’s coming.

With this admission, it will now be on the Baltimore coaches to try and find a way to execute without having too many of these issues the rest of the way.

Ravens Offense During 2020

The Ravens have been up and down so far this season as Jackson and others have alluded to. The team has struggled with getting big plays and unleashing their offensive playmakers as they have in the past. Plenty of this could be due to the fact that teams know what is coming, but they might simply be watching tape as well and having a better idea of how to defend a dynamic player like Jackson and some of his key wideouts.

Statistically, the Ravens haven’t dominated at all this year. They’re putting up just 347 yards a game including a paltry 176 yards a game through the air and a respectable 170 rushing yards a game. Those facts alone will not prove all the team’s problems

Lamar Jackson 2020 Stats

So far this season, Jackson isn’t having nearly the type of year he enjoyed in 2019 when he won the NFL MVP award. He’s thrown for 1,513 yards, 12 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Jackson hasn’t taken over games in the way he did a year ago, and it’s possible this admission is a major reason why that’s the case.

As a whole, the chance still exists for the Ravens and Jackson to turn around their offensive fortunes. They will clearly have to fight hard to make that the case in the coming months considering all that could be going against them.

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