Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Shatters Impressive NFL Record

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson runs for the Ravens in the season finale.

Lamar Jackson has broken the mold as an NFL quarterback, and he continues to make history in terms of the position as it relates to being a walking member of the record books with the Baltimore Ravens.

With a big effort against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jackson became the first quarterback in NFL history with at least 1,000 rushing yards in multiple seasons in NFL history.

Jackson has been consistent and solid, and continues to look like one of the best pure players in the league, especially in terms of doing plenty of damage with his legs. It isn’t a stretch to say that Jackson looks more prepared to re-write the record books in terms of the league moving forward than perhaps any other player.

Jackson has claimed plenty of honors and awards early in his career and while many have been significant, it’s possible none are bigger than this one considering how it shows he’s broken the mold at quarterback during his short time in the league.

Truthfully, there is no other quarterback like Jackson, and it’s something he proves every single time he takes the field with the plays he makes and the records he manages to shatter along the way.

Ravens Drilled Bengals Behind Lamar Jackson’s Big Day

Once again, the biggest reason for the success of the Ravens was Jackson leading the team confidently and making all the big plays. Jackson managed to throw for more yardage (113) than he ran for (97) but even such, he had a confident day getting the ball in the hands of his playmakers. With 3 touchdowns on the day, Jackson helped the Ravens win their way in the postseason with a big effort, and his consistency has been something to note early in his NFL career.

Jackson didn’t have the biggest statistical day against the Bengals, but still dominated in a big way in terms of play and leadership, which was something to note.

Lamar Jackson Still Ravens Statistical MVP

While the team has no doubt seen their share of emerging stars this season on both offense and defense, it’s clear things begin and end with Jackson throwing and running the football in addition to how he leads the squad no matter their record or standing in the league. Their offense is getting it done on the ground and through the air, which has led to the major resurgence on the field in terms of wins lately. Jackson himself has had an average season, with only 2,757 passing yards, 26 touchdowns, 1,005 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. Those numbers might be lower than what thy were in his NFL MVP season, but it’s long been clear that the stats are only half of what Jackson brings to the table. He is still the unquestioned heart and soul of the entire team.

Not only with play, but with statistics, Jackson has become one of the can’t miss quarterbacks in the entire NFL. This only proves how far he’s come as he continues to make waves and break molds.

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