Lamar Jackson Makes Revealing Comment About Playing in Snow

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackso runs away from a tackle in Tennessee.

The Baltimore Ravens are set to tangle with the Buffalo Bills this weekend, and the forecast could turn nasty for the teams once they hit the field.

Last weekend, Buffalo was sunny and unseasonably warm for the contest against Indianapolis. This week, however, there could be snow and cold weather coming, and that’s not something which pleases Lamar Jackson.

This week, speaking with the media, Jackson admitted he doesn’t have much experience to rely on in the snow, and would actually prefer if the weather wasn’t bad for the game.

The comment is likely to catch many by surprise considering the Ravens will have to deal with the weather no matter what it is this weekend. As of now, the forecast for Saturday night in Orchard Park, New York calls for 31 degree temperatures and the potential for 1-3 inches of snow to fall. That wouldn’t please Jackson at all, it seems.

Jackson has played in cold and inclement weather before, but it’s not a surprise that a guy from Florida who played college football at Louisville wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with the chance for perception during a huge game.

Buffalo, meanwhile, will hope to use the elements to their advantage in the game. When the Bills claimed home field through the early part of the playoffs, it meant teams might have to deal with a situation just like this where snow or cold would impact them. With that in mind, the Bills could be favored if the elements come into play in a big way during the game.

Analyst: Lamar Jackson’s Snow Admission Surprising

Many were taken aback by Jackson’s admission that he had never played in the snow, and said it was a surprising admission for a quarterback that plays on the east coast and midwest. Jackson’s comments were broken down on the Pat McAfee Show, and the former Colts punter said after playing for a few teams where he could have encountered such elements, the admission was surprising.

McAfee said:

“That is surprising to me after three years at Louisiville, four years at Baltimore. Almost a decade of playing in two cities that get cold as s***. Where’d Josh Allen play? Wyoming? So he loves it too, what a perfect quarterback for Buffalo.”

Even such, the personalities on the show believed the snow could benefit the Ravens, as it might force the team to run the ball more and abandon the pass. Baltimore’s run game is solid, and typically, when the Ravens’ offense struggles, it’s due to problems passing the ball.

Either way, it will be fascinating to see how Jackson deals with the elements if they come his way this weekend.

Ravens-Bills Primer

No matter the weather, the game figures to be a good one between the sides. The Ravens and Bills don’t often play, and the last time they did was in 2019, when Baltimore scored a huge road win in Buffalo late in the season. They’ll have to do that again in order to advance in the playoffs this time around.

It isn’t a stretch to say if elements show up, defense will matter a big deal in this game. In that case, the resurgent Ravens could have a quiet advantage considering their defense has stepped up in recent weeks on the field.

If it snows, Jackson might not be the happiest player on the field. We’ll simply have to see if that impacts the outcome of the game.

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