Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Claims Coveted Team Award for 2020

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson fires a pass during Baltimore's game against New York.

The Baltimore Ravens have had a ton of MVP’s for their work this season, but near the end of the year, the biggest is always singled out by the media.

Once again, quarterback Lamar Jackson is the winner. Every season, the local media in Baltimore votes for the team MVP, and this season, Jackson was revealed to be taking home the award for the team. The announcement was made prior to Week 17.

It’s neat to see Jackson get the love for what he has done on the field and how consistent he has been early in his career. Without his leadership, it’s clear that the team would not be putting themselves in position to make any type of late season run. Jackson was a huge reason the Ravens were able to stay alive with that clutch road win at Cleveland a few weeks back, and he has kept the team together as the unquestioned leader in recent weeks.

Lamar Jackson Considers MVP ‘Team Award’

A consummate professional and a team guy until the end, Jackson is never going to try and hijack the glory that comes with such an honor. A week after rejecting the notion that he was a Pro Bowl snub, Jackson also admitted that it wasn’t a big deal to be MVP, because he considers the honor a team award anyway.

Jackson said:

“I appreciate that, you know I always tell you guys I feel like that’s a team award. We’ve been through so much adversity this year and hit humps and stuff like that. Our guys just find a way to push through and keep fighting, especially for this playoff run. Hats off to our whole team, because it’s a team award to me to be honest.”

Jackson has long chosen to defer the credit for what he does on the field and the awards he receives, and even though his modesty sure is nice, it’s obvious he has earned the recognition with how he’s managed to keep the team together in 2020 in spite of everything that has played out.

Lamar Jackson Still Ravens Statistical MVP

While the team has no doubt seen their share of emerging stars this season on both offense and defense, it’s clear things begin and end with Jackson throwing and running the football in addition to how he leads the squad no matter their record or standing in the league. Their offense is getting it done on the ground and through the air, which has led to the major resurgence on the field in terms of wins lately. Jackson himself has had an average season, with only 2,644 passing yards, 23 touchdowns, 908 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. Those numbers might be lower than what thy were in his NFL MVP season, but it’s long been clear that the stats are only half of what Jackson brings to the table. He is still the unquestioned heart and soul of the entire team.

Knowing this, it’s not hard to see why Jackson claimed the MVP award again for this season. No matter what he might say, he’s a deserving recipient.

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