Ravens Rediscover Ingredient to Success Emerging From Tough Times

Miles Boykin

Getty Miles Boykin celebrates a big play against Dallas.

The Baltimore Ravens played better football during their Week 13 win against the Dallas Cowboys, but the reason they may have been able to do that? A dose of what has made them successful in the past.


Last season, the Ravens had an unbreakable bond and were one of the closest teams in the NFL. Routinely, they celebrated plays together and were fired up together. During the 2020 season, the team has faced much more adversity and it felt they had drifted apart in some ways. There wasn’t the excitement that normally accompanied big plays at every turn in the game.

Flash forward to Week 13 against Dallas. With the Ravens pummeling the Cowboys on the ground, the same fire was back in the team at just the right time. Players were fired up for each other and celebrating. Running back Gus Edwards put it in perspective as it relates to his quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was on another level in terms of passion upon his return to the field this week.

Edwards said:

“It seemed liked on all my runs when I broke he was right there. When I turned around he was just excited, he was running down the field. He was cheering his teammates on, he was real vocal on the sideline. You can tell he missed the game through that practice and through the game. He was just excited, you could tell he was having so much fun again.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis the team has dealt with together in their building, it’s more than possible that they have emerged a stronger, more appreciative team. When a group fights through something that is bigger than football, it can offer the much needed dose of perspective that often comes with life events. All of a sudden, it looks like the Ravens are having fun again and are united behind one cause.

Lamar Jackson Gains Perspective After Time Away

If it seemed Jackson had some extra juice as it did to Gus Edwards, that could be no accident. This week, the quarterback admitted he was having fun on the field watching his teammates dominate and have fun after getting back to the action.

Jackson said:

“Just going out there, putting it all on the line for one another, that’s just joy for me. Like I said before, being around my guys, being back out there. Being away for two weeks, it felt like a whole year. It was like man, it’s just a joy. A joyful day and joyful time for me.”

That joy might have been missing at times earlier this season, but with Jackson rediscovering his purpose, the team could be able to move forward and do plenty of damage in the weeks ahead. Now, they are galvanized behind a leader who is very thankful.

Ravens Offense Showed Promise Again

It’s safe to say the Baltimore defense has played decently well this season given their status as a top 10 unit in the league at this point in the season. Where Baltimore needs to get back to work is on offense. This season, the Ravens aren’t scoring nearly enough and could use their passing game to get back on track with Lamar Jackson. Baltimore’s offense has been in the bottom half of the league in multiple categories this year, but theoretically, the chance for them to get healthy starts right now with the schedule and they proved it.

The offense rushed for 294 yards in a dominating effort against Dallas, and threw the ball when they needed to. That sudden balance is very impressive for the team and could be a reason the Ravens get things turned around.

More than that, though, their mindset could drive them forward into the coming weeks and perhaps even into the playoffs. If the Ravens emerge from their tough times an even stronger team, it would not be a shock whatsoever. Already, it’s looking as if that will be the case.

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