7 Best Bike Cases for Air Travel: Compare & Save

best bike cases for air travel


Instead of struggling with an unfamiliar bike, bring yours along on your next touring adventure or vacation. From hard-sided rollers to portable bags, here are the best bike cases for air travel. Flying with your bike doesn’t have to be stressful, but you’ll want to check with your airline ahead of time to ensure your bike carrier is acceptable.

Be prepared for your next trip with these our favorite designer luggage sets and pieces.

scicon aerocomfort 3.0
  • Innovative frame security system
  • Padded internal pockets for safe storage
  • Compatible with most road and triathlon bikes
Price: $899.00 Shop now at Competitive Cyclist Shop now Read our review
elite bike bag
  • Scratch-resistant nylon exterior
  • Rolling wheels for ease of use
  • Hinge design for convenient loading
Price: $899.99 Shop now at Competitive Cyclist Shop now Read our review
folding bike bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ideal for folding bikes up to 20 inches
  • Works with a wide range of bikes
Price: $26.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
db savage bike bag
  • Fits wheels up to 29 inches
  • Roll cage adds stability
  • Packs down to 35 percent of its full size
Price: $599.00 Shop now at Competitive Cyclist Shop now Read our review
cyclingdeal travel case Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Convenient clamshell design
  • Heavy-duty EVA material for maximum protection
  • Thick layer protects frame and wheels
Price: $429.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bike travel case Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable plastic exterior
  • Foam padding minimizes damage
  • Fits up to 29-inch bikes
Price: $503.55 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
folding bike bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits most road and mountain bikes
  • Accommodates tires up to 29 inches
  • Constructed with high-quality oxford fabric
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Road Case

    • Multi-layered composite construction resists damage
    • Comes with two TSA-approved locks
    • Compatible with thru-axle and quick-release systems
    • Recessed handholds aren't very deep
    • Exterior may scratch
    • Can be awkward to transport

    The Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Road Case features a heavy-duty composite for maximum protection, yet it’s also one of the lightest bike travel cases out there. By nature, composites are stronger than steel and other tough materials and resist corrosion for longevity. They’re also pretty light, which makes traveling with your bike more appealing.

    Certain bikes are a better fit for this asymmetric case, including most road, gravel, triathlon and cyclocross bikes. Most bikes with an integrated seat post will fit. The case is compatible with thru-axle and quick-release designs.

    Baggage handlers likely won’t know how much money you spent on your bike, which is where the carrier’s tough exterior and internal strap system to secure the frame come in handy. Breaking your bike down for your trip is a relatively quick process that involves removing the wheels, seat post and just one pedal. Dedicated compartments secure your bike’s wheels for the journey, while a separate storage bag holds smaller parts.

    Even if your bike is out of sight, you’ll know it’s secure with two approved TSA locks. Travel Sentry Approved locks ensure the carrier will be inspected without damage.

    This bike carrying case weighs 24 pounds, which makes it easy to carry alongside your luggage. SciCon outfitted its popular TSA Case with eight precision ball-bearing wheels that spin fully around for ease of use. It’s slender and versatile enough to roll through airports and fit inside most vehicles. In fact, it’s similar in size to some of the most popular roof boxes for road trips.

  2. 2. Elite Borson Bike Travel Bag

    • May not be necessary to remove the handlebars or seatpost
    • Trolly wheels for easier maneuverability
    • Internal padding protects bikes and components
    • Wheels are stored separately
    • Doesn't come with a TSA lock
    • Only works with road and mountain bikes

    Transport your bike in a safe and practical way with the Elite Borson Bike Travel Bag. Whether you’re traveling by ground or air, this bag’s durable nylon exterior resists scratches along the way. Use the Borson bag for drop bar road bikes and mountain bikes. You can also transport up to 20mm thru-axles and quick-release skewers.

    The inside is equally durable, with plenty of padding to protect your bike while it’s in transit. Integrated handles allow you to lift the bag as needed, while rear wheels provide extra stability in airports. There’s even a hand and shoulder strap to balance the load.

    You don’t have to jump through hoops to get your bike ready for a trip, either. There’s no need to remove handlebars under 46cm or seat posts under 85cm. Simply remove the pedals and wheels. You can leave the bike saddle in place, which means no more guessing or trying to get the height just right when it’s time to ride. A separate bag keeps your wheels safe and organized. Internal and external pockets safely store smaller components and essentials.

  3. 3. THRLEGBIRD Folding Bicycle Bag

    • Water-repellent exterior protects against the elements
    • Compact enough for public transportation
    • Fits most folding bikes between 14 and 20 inches
    • May need to remove wheels, handlebars and seats for transport
    • Zipper isn't very durable
    • Doesn't have an extra shoulder strap

    If you aren’t traveling with a full-sized bike, consider the THRLEGBIRD bike bag for folding bikes with tires up to 20 inches. The storage bag works for most compact bikes with tires between 14 and 20 inches.

    Equipped with durable 600D polyester and a water-repellent coat, this bag works equally well for air travel and commuting. It even has a waterproof lining to protect your precious cargo. The bag weighs just under 1.5 pounds, making it easy to carry it on buses, trains and other forms of public transportation.

    As long as your bike folds, it should fit nicely into this storage bag. If the fit seems like it might be too tight, simply remove the front wheel. You may need to remove the seat and handlebars as well, depending on your bike. All components can be stored inside.

  4. 4. Db Savage Bike Travel Bag

    • Hook-up system works with other Db products
    • Compatible with most road and mountain bikes
    • Spacious enough for plus-size bikes
    • Could use more storage pockets
    • Can be tough to zip up the bag
    • No dedicated slot for a luggage tag

    Bike bags don’t have to be dull and unwieldy, as the classy, streamlined Db Savage Bike Travel Bag shows. Your bike deserves premium protection when traveling, and this carrier delivers with a stiff roll cage for maximum protection.

    Transport everything from ultra-light racing bikes to large mountain bikes up to 130mm long in this bike bag. There’s even space for plus-size tires. Integrated wheel compartments keep wheels up to 29 inches safe and organized. With room to compress up 35 percent of its full size for storage, you’re free to take up every available inch to get your ride safely to its destination.

    Packing can be stressful, but you don’t have to figure out where to store everything. This carrier comes with stabilizers for the fork and bottom bracket, and protectors for the handlebars and frame. Interior lashing prevents unwanted movement.

    If mismatched bags drive you crazy, check out more Db luggage and backpacks for your next trip. An integrated hook-up system makes this bike bag instantly compatible with other Db bags to simplify your trip.

  5. 5. CyclingDeal Hard Case for Road Bikes

    • Wheels spin 360 degrees
    • Fits most standard 700c road bikes
    • Includes a TSA lock
    • Not compatible with mountain bikes or integrated seat posts
    • Weight isn't fully balanced between wheels
    • Castors aren't very durable

    Transport your standard 700c quick-release road bike in this durable CyclingDeal bike carrier. However, it’s not recommended for mountain bikes or integrated seat posts. An included TSA lock adds an extra element of security when your bike is out of sight.

    Built with EVA material for added durability, the case resists impacts and abrasions. Your bike and its components will be safe and sound even if the baggage handlers aren’t very gentle. From rushed trips through airports to cramped cargo spaces, this hard box withstands long travel days.

    You don’t need to completely disassemble your bike to fit inside this carrier. For most bikes, you’ll need to remove the wheels and pedals. It’s possible you’ll need to remove the handlebars or turn them sideways, depending on the size of your bike.

    Various buckles and straps keep your bike parts and accessories organized and safe. This carrier even has dedicated slots for the wheels. A user-friendly clamshell design allows you to completely open the case without disturbing the bike.

  6. 6. M-Wave Rotterdam Bicycle Travel Case

    • Can be locked for extra security
    • Integrated tool pockets for safe storage
    • Designed to be pulled or steered
    • Wheels need to be stored separately
    • Interior compartments don't close
    • Case is relatively heavy

    Traveling with your bike is less stressful with the Rotterdam M-Wave case, which has a durable plastic shell and foam padding for maximum protection. Bikes with wheels up to 29 inches will comfortably fit inside this bag.

    Two wheel pockets are included for safe storage. This means you’ll have to carry the wheels separately, although it frees up more space inside the travel case for a larger bike. Small tools and essentials, including mini bike pumps, can be stored inside the two interior slots.

    Although bike cases can be cumbersome to maneuver, this one has four pulleys for easier handling. You can efficiently pull and steer your load through the airport with this user-friendly setup.

    Whether your bike costs several thousand dollars or a few hundred, you want to make sure it’s protected once it’s out of sight. This carrier has four exterior buckles and can be locked for safe storage.

  7. 7. Aophire Folding Bike Bag

    • Heavy-duty shoulder straps withstand heavier loads
    • Separate storage pockets for tools and small items
    • Innovative 3/4 zipper design makes packing easier
    • Doesn't have separate wheel slots
    • Lacks extra reinforcement
    • Shoulder straps aren't padded

    Safely transport bikes with wheels up to 29 inches inside this folding bike bag. Built with a carrying handle to reduce your load, this Aophire carrier makes traveling with road and mountain bikes that much easier.

    Depending on the size of your bike, you may need to remove several components. While you only need to remove the front wheel of a 700c road bike, the handlebars and saddle also need to come off if you’re traveling with a 27.5-inch (or larger) mountain bike.

    Whether you’re carrying a smaller road bike or a hefty mountain bike, the heavy-duty 600D oxford material won’t strain under load. This bag also has two durable shoulder straps and dual pockets to store small bike repair tools and other accessories, including tire inflators.

What Is the Best Bike Bag for Air Travel?

Traveling comes with many unknowns, which is why we think this heavy-duty SciCon Aerotech Evolution X TSA Case is one of the best available for air travel.

Constructed with durable ABS composite for maximum protection, this carrying case is built to keep your bike out of harm's way. It's not cheap, but many cyclists agree the peace of mind is worth it to keep your prized possession safe.

The Elite Borson Bike Travel Bag stands out if you don't want to deal with disassembling your bike and putting it back together. This spacious hard-sided bike case only requires you to remove your bike's pedals and wheels. You can even keep your saddle height in place.

How Do I Pack My Bike for Air Travel?

At a minimum, you'll usually need to remove the front wheel. It may be necessary to remove the pedals and seat post as well. For larger bikes, including 29-inch mountain bikes, you may need to remove the rear wheel or handlebars to ensure your bike fits properly. 

Some cases have integrated wheel storage slots, while others come with carrying cases. This can be helpful if you're bringing a larger bike, such as an e-MTB, on vacation.

How Do I Protect My Bike for Travel?

Hardshell cases are ideal for protecting your bike during travel. Many carriers are built with heavy-duty material to withstand rough handling and other situations that might cause damage.

If you're traveling with a road bike, we suggest the CyclingDeal Hard Case for Road Bikes. It's made with EVA material and has an integrated TSA lock to keep your bike and components safe.

Finding enough cargo space can be tough. If you're too cramped, consider attaching a cargo carrier to transport your bike case, luggage and other road trip gear.

Can You Take a Bicycle on an Airplane?

Yes, it's possible to take your bicycle on an airplane. However, it's a good idea to check with your airline to see whether they have certain restrictions in place. Some airlines may charge an additional fee for your bike bag.

If your airline doesn't offer specific guidance, Skyscanner suggests removing the pedals, removing and deflating both wheels, and turning the handlebars around.

Some bike boxes come with TSA-approved locks to reduce the risk of potential damage as your ride makes its way through security.

Although many cyclists have successfully traveled with their bikes, it's important to note that the TSA officer ultimately decides whether to allow your cargo through the checkpoint. 

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