11 Best Snowboard Brands: Compare & Save

best snowboard brands

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Thanks to its continued growth in popularity, it’s natural to wonder what the best snowboard brands are.

In our analysis, we’ve found Arbor Collective to be the best snowboarding brand. With a massive range of reasonably priced decks, and an ecological-mindset, they’ve propelled to the top of the list.

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How do we determine the best companies? Well, we take the following into account:

  • Price
  • Size range
  • Design range
  • Durability
  • Seasonability

Price is a given, as is the size range. What’s design range? This covers both graphics, shape, directionality, terrain-type, and cambers, of all available snowboards.

Durability is another given. How’s seasonability fit in here? It’s easy: Some snowboards are ideal for early-, mid-, or late-season riding–do they carry all-season ranges?


What are the best snowboard brands?

1. Burton

best snowboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • The most-trusted name in snowboarding
  • Consistently produces top-notch, technologically cutting-edge products
  • Proprietary The Channel™ system, allows for universal binding compatibility
  • Produce a massive line, for any type of riding
  • Can be more pricy than other brands

Without a doubt, you expect Burton to be on any list of the best brands in snowboarding. After all, no guide to the best snowboard brands would be complete without it.

There’s no question in my mind that Burton is the most well-known snowboarding company on the planet–hands-down.

Started by the famous Jake Burton Carpenter in a Vermont barn in 1977, it’s exploded into a top-notch snow sports company.

Jake’s passion fueled his desire to increase the popularity of the sport. He’s a pivotal reason that snowboarding is where it is today.

Every year, they release new technology and improvements on current features. In other words, their line improves with every single season.

Along with producing incredible snowboard tech, Burton strives to maintain a sustainable business. They believe there’s a responsibility to maintain and help the environment the sport relies on.

In addition to sustainable measures, they work towards improving social impact. Humans and the environment we live in are not mutually-exclusive–and Burton keeps that connection front-of-mind.

Thanks to Burton’s constant technological development, they’re the genius behind a number of important snowboard features; Namely, The Channel™.

The Channel™ is a mounting system for your board. It provides practically-unlimited stance options, making it compatible with almost any binding on the market.

Previously, Burton used a different proprietary mounting system, called the 3D pattern. While it worked with most set-ups, it wasn’t a match for all bindings.

When The Channel™ was introduced to the market, it blew all other competition completely out-of-the-water.

Most other snowboard manufacturers have a disc mounting pattern. They’re available in a 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 pattern–the difference lies in the vertical distance between bolt holes.

Unfortunately, with this type of mounting system, you’re locked into certain types of bindings. In turn, you don’t have a fully-customized riding experience.

The Channel™ demolishes that notion, and allows you to create a 100% personalized snowboarding experience.

It provides an unmatched level of ease-of-use and universal-compatibility. In turn, this reduces set-up hassle, increases control, and adds a more natural feel–without compromising on the durability or strength.

Whether you’re opting for a regular snowboard, women’s-specific one, or even one for little riders, Burton is by far one of the best snowboarding brands out there.

Buy Burton here.

2. Arbor Collective

best snowboard brands

Arbor Collective

Pros: Cons:
  • Amazing snowboard AND skateboard company
  • Company’s ultimate goal is sustainability
  • Work with big environmental group in Hawaii, to help give back
  • Manufacture a massive line of boards, all of which are super fun to ride
  • Don’t produce many powder-specific decks

If you’re one who enjoys ripping down the snow in the winter, and tearing up some pavement in the summer, then you know Arbor.

Arbor–full name: Arbor Collective–is one of the best dual-season extreme sports companies. They thrive in both cold and hot conditions.

A quick rundown on their summer deal: Their longboard cruisers and skateboards are unbeatable, in terms of quality for the price.

There’s a reason they’re featured in the best longboard models, and the best longboarding brands.

So, it should come as no surprise that their snowboards are just as incredible.

Launching in 1995, they have more-than-20-years experience in the snow and skate sports industries. They’re not only dedicated to quality and performance, but also focus on sustainability and preservation of Mother Nature.

In fact, the company was founded on a desire to increase sustainability, by using beneficial materials like bamboo, wood, and other tenable materials.

Arbor actually goes so far as to run a program called “Returning Roots”. Since they day they opened, this program has donated to groups and non-profits that restore and protect forests.

More specifically, though, the majority of those donations have gone to preserving the Koa forests in Hawaii.

This is intentional, in that it allows them to give back to both the planet and the people who helped create the great sports of surfing. In turn, surfing paved the way for skateboarding and snowboarding.

(Side Bar: Hawaiians have been crafting surfboards made of Koa wood for over-a-millennia–that’s 1,000-years worth of knowledge! Arbor wanted to directly honor this heritage, with their donations).

They don’t just provide any donations, though. They’ve paired up with an organization called the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, to make their sustainability practices long-term.

This incredible environmental group doesn’t just plant trees–they’re literally rebuilding forests from seed-to-maturation.

As it stands, they’ve planted more-than-300,000 Koa trees, on an impressive 800-acres of former forestland. They’re surrounded by native plants and ground cover.

This partnership with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative catapults Arbor Collective towards the superlative “Most environmentally-friendly skate and snowboard brand”.

With an Arbor, you’re not only treating yourself, you’re treating the planet, too.

P.S. Their warranty is out-of-this-world, with a three-year-timeframe.

Buy Arbor Collective here.

3. DC

best snowboard brands

DC Shoes

Pros: Cons:
  • Produce more pocketbook-friendly snowboarding gear
  • Create incredibly unique designs – very different than other brands
  • Offers a variety of camber profiles
  • Great for big booted riders – manufacture wide decks
  • Size ranges may run small on some decks
  • Don’t offer a massive selection

When you think of DC, there’s a good chance snowboarding doesn’t come-to-mind. In fact, “snow” might not even be on your radar.

After all, DC’s known for producing downright amazingskateboarding shoes. And, boy, do they come up with some sweet concepts.

As a skate-specific company, it’s not hard to see the natural jump into snowboarding, though. They’re both board sports–one’s just on pavement and the other’s on snow.

Well, I’ve got something to admit: I didn’t know DC was one of the best snowboard brands, until I purchased my last board.

My favorite board in my collection, without a doubt, is my Ply deck. It’s a few-years-old at this point, but it still rides like a dream.

I was actually super skeptical to purchase it, given I’d never ridden a DC. A buddy with a disgusting amount of snowboarding knowledge assured me I’d be thrilled with my purchase.

And thrilled I was–he’s still correct about his assertion, a good while later. Without a doubt, DC is worthy of a spot on a list of the best snowboard companies.

Instead of analyzing the season’s current trends, DC looks past them–they strive to be at the forefront of snow sport innovation.

Thanks to their vast knowledge of other deck-related sports, they’re able to provide unique insight into what riders want. In turn, this approach produces the most customer-centric models possible.

Whether you’re a multi-decade seasoned snowboarding veteran, or venturing out for your first time this year, DC strives to produce something for all-skill-levels.

Year-in and year-out, they release a solid line of snowboarding gear that’ll make you grin during each run.

But, their technology and amazing craftsmanship aren’t the only reason they’re so phenomenal. In fact, their team of designers really hits it out of the park.

I actually was originally interested in my Ply because of the design–it’s so different than other decks, and eye-catching as all get out. All of their sticks exude this feeling of unique awesomeness.

DC isn’t just for skateboarding, make it your number one choice in snowboarding brands, too.

Buy DC here.

4. Lib Tech

best snowboard brands

Lib Tech

Pros: Cons:
  • They’ve perfected the camber profile, for ultimate control
  • Models are handmade & pro-tested
  • Produce boards for beginners & veterans
  • Extremely sustainable in their production practices & materials
  • Boards can be expensive

As far as the top snowboarding brands go, you expect to see a number of super-well-known names, like Burton.

On the flip side, though, you should expect to see companies that you’ve probably never heard of–and those that are considered to be an “all” snow sports company.

Well, a snowboard brand’s popularity isn’t the sole (or ideal) way to determine the best snowboarding companies.

That’s because there are a number of amazing snow sports businesses that aren’t often recognized outside of the snowboarding community.

Lib tech is one of these brands. While its full name is “Lib Technologies”, it’s often shortened in regular conversation.

You may or may not have heard of the Skate Banana. It’s a widely-known, well-loved freestyle snowboard.

The reason it’s so stand-out, is that is solved the issue of weight distribution and contact points most snowboards experience. By using a down-curve, instead of an up-curve between your boots, it provides the perfect balance-point.

Like Arbor, Lib Tech strives for sustainable production and materials. Even back in the 80s, they switched out toxic ABS, for recyclable polyethylene.

Additionally, their top sheets are made with a sustainable polymer, and babmboo cores, rather than fiberglass. They even use water-based graphics.

Heck, even their factory’s heating system is fueled with a canola-based bio-diesel. How many snowboard brands can say that?

For more-than-30-years, Lib Tech has been busting out exceptional, jaw-dropping snowboarding equipment.

Every single year, their skilled team of experts hand-build new flex, blends, shapes, constructions, and contours, to bring the best snow sports technology to their riders.

Additionally, they work closely with pros, for hands-on testing, which allows them to execute ultimate tuning and refining.

In 2002, they debuted their Magne-Traction® edges, which are essentially wavy, rather than straight edges. This drastically increases the board’s overall grip, in even the iciest situations.

And, they’ve worked towards re-engineering the camber profile. While a classic, it didn’t quite transition over well from skis.

Lib Tech adds a slight rocker contours, which ultimately allows for higher-performance for skilled snowboarders.

Innovation and increased performance are Lib Tech’s top priority–and they excel.

Buy Lib Tech here.

5. K2

best snowboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Produce a massive range of snowboards (almost 3-dozen!)
  • Have been in the snow sports industry for decades
  • Manufacture both adult & children’s boards
  • Have tons of bindings, boots & apparel, to complete your set-up
  • Boards can get pricy

As far as snow sports–specifically, skiing–go, there are a number of OG brands that come to mind. Without a doubt, K2 is in the top 3.

They’ve been manufacturing skis since the early-60s, when owner, Bill Kirschner, followed a the pattern of a ski he’d borrowed, to make his first pair of fiberglass skis.

From there, he grew his ski equipment empire, and continued expanding his dominance. By the 80s, though, the snow sports tides had changed: Snowboarding had hit the scene hard.

Naturally, he saw an opportunity to further increase his production. By 1994, he’d dreamed up and manufactured an entire line of award-winning snowboards.

Aside from the decades-long knowledge of producing incredible equipment, K2 understands its customer base. And customers love choice. So, they produce nearly three-dozen snowboards, to suit your each and every need.

Moreover, they don’t just produce decks for adults. They also have a robust line for the littlest rippers, too.

With everything from split boards, to swallowtail decks, they manufacture some of the best snowboarding equipment on the planet.

Buy Ks here.

6. Ride

best snowboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Everything is made with “the people” (the average rider) in-mind
  • Own Cappel Clothing, too – can get all of your gear from one company
  • Their bindings are some of the most-trusted and -loved, in the industry
  • Their boards get pricy quickly

While many snowboarding brands are new to the scene, some pure-riding companies have existed since the early days if the 80s.

When snowboarding first skyrocketed in popularity, the gear that was available was, well, not-beginner-focused.

Ride recognized this gaping hole in the market, and strove to create a snowboarding company “for the people”.

So, their line hit the market in late-1992, with only four models. But, they had a hardworking team, solid product line, and great ad campaign, leading them to years of success.

With a gap in the skate and snowboard apparel market, they continued to capitalize on their vision, and started Cappel Clothing.

Nowadays, their outwear is far more technical, while providing that same fashion forward look, as you rip up the slopes.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention their Preston bindings. These bad boys are loaded with Ride’s proprietary technology, and are one of the most-recognizable names in the binding game.

They’re one of the leading market share holders, thanks to the durability, responsiveness, and lightweight mobility.

To this day, Ride’s continued to put out top-notch, high-performance sticks, bindings, boots, and yes–even apparel.

As far as snowboarding companies go, Ride always will be for the people.

Buy Ride here.

7. Rome

best snowboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Incredible warranty – replace your deck with ease
  • Produces a massive line of snowboards
  • Phenomenal for beginners & experts
  • Caters to men, women & children
  • Less all-mountain focused, more powder/freestyle-focused
  • Relatively-expensive

As far as snowboarding brands go, to be considered the “best”, a company must really go above-and-beyond to stand out.

The unfortunate thing about going hard when you’re tearing down the mountain, is the very distinct possibility your snowboard can break.

Hit a rock too hard, and you could end up with an ugly core shot. Wipe out on a rail, and the edge may be all messed up.

However you manage to bust your snowboard, Rome is there to save the day: With a replacement deck.

And that’s not just blowing smoke–their customer service is outstanding, to say the least. Whether via phone, email, or in-person, they want to make your life as easy as possible.

I had one buddy bust 3 sticks in a matter of four-months….and they replaced them all. Seriously, they’re that good.

Of course, phenomenal customer service means nothing, if you don’t have a solid product line alongside it.

Well, let me tell you. Rome produces an impressive line of snowboards, year-in and year-out. And, they’re a great choice whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Their men’s line is most impressive, spanning an incredible 22 different decks. For women, the 2018 line has seven. Youth-wise, they have four options.

Like Burton and Lib Tech, Rome is a pure-snowboarding company–it has no foundation in skiing. In fact, it came to life because the founders, Paul and Josh, were fed up with the industry’s obsession with focusing on the Olympics; it felt too commercialized.

Not only does their line of snowboards reflect this value, but their bindings, boots, and other apparel do, as well.

No matter the skillset, no matter the desired type of riding, Rome’s got you covered.

Buy Rome here.

8. Salomon

best snowboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Originated as a ski company – knowledge translates to great snowboarding gear
  • Fantastic price (A couple under-$300!) & top-notch quality
  • Ecologically-driven in their manufacturing practices
  • Produce gear for men, women & kids
  • Don’t offer a massive line

There’s no doubt that ski companies, who’ve also added a snowboarding component to their line, know how to create some kick butt snowboards.

Both skis and snowboards have the same camber profiles. Thus, with a deep knowledge-base and expertise in building a similar product, they have a leg up on the competition.

Salomon is one of those ski-beasts-turned-snowboard-beasts. They’ve been killing it since 1997, after a few years of development and reliance on ski experts’ knowledge.

I’m a bit biased (again), in that my first snowboard was a Salomon. But, tons of other riders love the Salomon brand, in the same capacity.

While their line-up certainly isn’t large, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in supreme quality–regardless of your age, weight, or gender.

Now, I’d like to say they aren’t the primo best-of-the-best snowboards. BUT, they offer a very high-quality product, for their price. More so than other “affordable snowboards”.

In fact, they have a number of deck in their lineup that clock in under-$300. How many other snowboard brands can say the same?

In addition to their reasonably-priced boards, they also have bindings and boots at prices you’ll love.

Aside from their economical snowboarding equipment, they also focus on ecological initiatives. In fact, in 2008, they made it clear their goal was to reduce environmental costs, while increasing performance.

Each and every season, Salomon makes the same, consistent splash in their snowboarding line.

Buy the Salomon here.

9. Gnu

best snowboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Uses Banana Tech – tons of control, speed & float
  • Produces a huge line of snowboards
  • Manufactures decks for both beginners & experts
  • Snowboards are equipped with Magne-Traction Tech
  • Don’t have a ton of kids boards
  • Boards are mostly geared towards freestyle riding

Delta who? Delta Gnu! Delta Delta Delta woo! Well…ok, so it’s technically Delta Nu, but who’s counting?

Gnu is just one of those snowboarding brands you gotta love. They’re solid, fun, and have one focus: To create environmentally-friendly, high-performance snowboards.

Aside from their Earth-saving best manufacturing practices, they outshine the competition in other areas.

Most snowboard companies tend to piggyback off of each other. In other words, they often have the same technology…just slightly tweaked.

Frustrated with that sameness, Gnu takes an innovative stance in all of their endeavors. Creativity might as well be their middle name.

They also use the ever-loved Magne-Traction technology, in order to increase the grippiness of all of their boards.

Remember that Skate Banana mentioned above, in the Lib Tech capsule? Gnu’s bringing it back round two.

Banana technology derives its name from its shape–quite literally like that of a banana: Curved upwards from the middle.

That low-point between-the-feet is rocker, which gives the rider ultimate speed, control, and float.

Best part about it? It’s all-terrain, which means you can rip it just about anywhere on the mountain.

In terms of the lineup itself, the sticks tend to be geared towards the freestyle-end-of-the-spectrum. While there are a number of powder, all-mountain, and jib boards, it’s definitely skewed towards the freestyle model.

This isn’t exactly a surprise, though, given their diverse use of Banana Technology. Banana Tech tends to be geared towards flexi, more trick-oriented riders.

However, that’s not to say their lineup is geared solely towards experts. Rather, they offer a wide variety of both beginner and seasoned-rider boards.

Moreover, they cater to other riders, like women and children. With two kids boards, and 15 women’s boards, the whole fam can gear up.

Tear it up in the backcountry, or hit some major air in the park. With over-two-dozen models to choose from, there’s a Gnu for you.

Buy Gnu here.

10. Jones Snowboards

best snowboard brands

Jones Snowboards

Pros: Cons:
  • Owned & directed by Jeremy Jones, world-renowned athlete
  • Produce high-quality, durable equipment, with sustainable manufacturing
  • Give back to fight climate change with every purchase
  • Manufacture a variety of snowboarding and other snow-sports-related gear
  • Their line tends to run on the expensive-side

If there’s one set of people who know exactly what a snowboard needs, in order to truly shine, is professional snowboarders themselves.

These athletes have put in countless hours perfecting their craft. In the process, they also use an array of snowboard brands and models.

In other words, these guys have tried just about everything on the planet. They know what makes a board tick.

Jeremy Jones is arguably one of the most well-known snowboards of all-time. Calm down, Shaun fans. Jones has been a prominent figure in the industry since the mid-90s.

In fact, he still freerides for his own company, Jones Snowboards. His passion and knowledge are apparent in his line of gear.

Jones’s original desire was to manufacture sustainable snowboarding equipment, with high-performance and durability. Over the years, Jones Snowboards has never strayed from this ideology.

With the help of the Jones athletes, each deck is tested over-and-over, in different conditions. Field testing is pivotal to their design process.

In addition to a significant knowledge-base surrounding boards themselves, Jeremy’s expertise in apparel and upgrades is apparent.

The company manufactures everything from climbing skins, to backpacks, and outerwear. In every department, they hit the marks.

Of course, none of these extreme sports would be possible without the help of Mother Nature. So, Jones Snowboards leverages their success, to provide aid and pay homage to the things they cherish most: The planet’s beauty.

Climate change is the number one threat to these breathataking places, which is why they’re a proud member of 1% For the Planet, and are the leading supporters of Community Carbon Trees and Protect Our Winters (POW).

To Jones Snowboarding, snowboarding isn’t a hobby–it’s a way of life.

Buy Jones Snowboards here.

11. Roxy

best snowboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Very reasonably priced – under-$500
  • Focuses on snowboards specifically for women
  • Produce a wide-range of decks, for different types of riding
  • Olympian, Torah Bright, provides expert knowledge
  • Don’t produce a men’s line
  • Most decks aren’t available over-150
  • Line isn’t super robust

“Uhhh….excuse me?! Isn’t Roxy that girl’s surfing company?” Why yes, yes it is. But, it’s also one of the best women’s snowboard brands.

Just as you’d expect a skateboarding company to produce amazing snowboarding gear, you can expect the same of a surf company.

After all, when you boil it down, the three sports are more-or-less the same: Board sports, where you glide on different surfaces.

So, it’s easy to see why expertise in another board sport translates to snowboarding. At Roxy, they’ve perfected that translation.

As you’d expect at a women’s-centric surf company, their line of snowboards is geared towards women, too.

Well, Roxy isn’t just great for their snowboards. They’re great for their prices, too.

While most snowboarding companies can bleed into the $500-$600 with ease, Roxy keeps their prices under-$500, for the most part.

Where women’s snowboards differ from men’s, is their sizing. Most men’s boards aren’t produced under-150. Women’s snowboards, however, are.

Thus, Roxy’s size range is far more conducive to a proper-sized board, for a woman.

Don’t get me wrong–ladies rock men’s boards that are 150+ all-the-time. In order to truly use a deck to its full capacity, though, you have to be the right weight.

Whether you’re over- or under-weight But, Roxy provides the option for something that’s built for a woman’s body.

They produce a line that’s suitable for both beginners and experts, with park-specific models, as well as all-mountain ones.

Torah Bright, renowned Olympian, is their staff expert. She provides amazing insight for the whole line, but shines…ahem…brightest…in Roxy’s Torah Bright model.

In a nutshell, Roxy works hard to pick the brains of the best-and-brightest, to bring you the top women’s snowboards on the market.

For more women’s specific decks, read up on the best women’s snowboards.

Buy Roxy here.

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