Celtics’ Brad Stevens’ Potential Coaching Return: ‘Whenever, Wherever’

Brad Stevens of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Brad Stevens of the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics have built a great foundation. Their current core just wrapped up their first trip to the NBA Finals, and although they ended up losing to the Golden State Warriors, it was still a great experience for their young group of guys.

Head coach Ime Udoka deserves a ton of credit for how well the Celtics operated this past year, but so does Brad Stevens. While Danny Ainge was the one who drafted most of the guys on the roster, Stevens made the necessary moves to get the team to this point, such as bringing in Al Horford and Derrick White.

However, just because Stevens has moved to the front office doesn’t mean he would never go back to coaching. In fact, Steve Bulpett of Heavy.com pointed out that, if Stevens were to ever return to the coaching game, he would have his pick of the litter.

“Here’s the thing, too, look at it from Brad Stevens’ point of view, leaving aside everything else—you know that if you decide to get back into the coach game, you know that you are going to have opportunities whenever you want, wherever you want, whether it is professional or, certainly, college, he would have his pick of top jobs,” Bulpett stated.

This tidbit of information came on the back of reports that Ainge could potentially try to steal Stevens and bring him to the Utah Jazz to fill their head-coaching vacancy.

Stevens-Jazz Rumors Broken Down

Bulpett also discussed this idea, but he said it isn’t very likely to happen. He stated that Stevens is content with his position in Boston and isn’t looking to move anytime soon.

“I spoke with Brad some toward the end of the year, and I got a feeling he is committed to this situation,” Bulpett told Sean Deveney of Heavy.com. “He seems to be OK with this. He has taken the route where he has had a lot less contact with the Boston media, so he has kind of kept his work-life balance in a good place, which is what’s important to him.”

Celtics NBA talk with Steve BulpettHeavy.com's Sean Deveney and Steve Bulpett talk about the post-Finals Celtics.2022-06-20T13:38:00Z

Utah has plenty of other candidates to consider, but with Ainge leading the charge, it was inevitable that Stevens’ name would come up in potential conversations.

And according to Bulpett, the two of them still talk regularly.

Stevens Regularly Speaks to Ainge

Ainge was the GM who hired Stevens, worked with him for years, and helped him grow this current Celtics core, so it’s not surprising that the two still talk regularly. However, Bulpett also noted that Stevens is his own person, effectively shutting down any Stevens-to-Utah talk.

“I know that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens communicate regularly,” Bulpett revealed. “Danny hired Brad as coach out of Butler in 2013 and it surprised a lot of people. But there is a relationship there. Brad went to Danny, particularly before Danny signed on as CEO of the Jazz, they were discussing things even more then. But Brad is his own guy.

Just because Stevens and Ainge are still friends doesn’t mean that he’ll be ditching the Celtics for the Jazz. However, if Stevens ever did decide to coach again, Bulpett believes that he could potentially go wherever he wanted.

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